Saving Me in Secret

When I was a young girl, I used to dream about being rescued by a handsome prince in a far-off castle. Now... that story has come true. Only this story is in the middle of Chicago. I have no idea who that prince is. And he has rescued me exactly four times. Somewhere out there, my prince lives and keeps me safe. And this time, I am determined to find out who he is.


2. The Dream


Three Days Later

"Yeah, see you later," I laughed to Mona. For some reason the edges of my vision were blurry, like someone had torn the picture roughly around the edges. Mona smiled and walked off into the sunset.

Suddenly a hand grabbed my arm. "Need some help getting home?" a gravelly voice said into my ear.

I lifted my chin as fear flooded into me. "No, I'm fine."

"You're a beautiful girl."

"I'm a girl, you mean. Not even an adult yet, so get your greasy paws off me." I glared at the dissheveled man.

"Come with me--now---" He never got to finish. A fist appeared from nowhere and shattered the image like a mirror. Pieces of glass exploded and zoomed outward, catching the afternoon light and glimmering like droplets of the stars themselves. I covered my face, but then the glass stopped, frozen in midair. My prince stepped out of the light, even in the brightness his features robed in shadow. His eyes glowed bright blue. "As long as I am here, no harm will befall you."

I sat up in bed, panting. It was so...real. Just as I remembered him: tall and strong of heart and body. How could he be so close, yet so far away? My core throbbed again. There it was: the feeling. The feeling I had when I was in the hospital. What was it? Frustration? Jealousy? Lo...Love?

Mona turned over sleepily in the twin bed across the room. "Lisa?" she murmured. "Are you okay?"

"Yes," I said, confused. Her words didn't confuse me. My feelings did. I was the tomboy, the tough girl of my small circle of friends: Christopher, Mona, Aaron. The boys loved me, but I never loved them back. I never truly loved or crushed on anyone. I only loved my family and friends as the ones who were my closest. This feeling was completely new. Probably just hormones, the logic in me assumed. But....what? The balancing beam of my heart wobbled, just the slightest bit.

Mona sat up. "No, I'm serious. You look as if you've seen a ghost. What happened?" Her expression was concerned.

"Nothing," I waved off. "Just a nightmare. Happens all the time."

"No, it doesn't. It hasn't ever."

"Well, this time it did. Go back to sleep."

The way she fell back into a snore was almost hilarious, but it was 2 o'clock in the morning. She was exhausted from staying with me in the hospital, and since today I had returned, she considered it her rest time.

"Yes, everything's fine," I told myself, and laid back down. But my eyes couldn't shut. I couldn't wrap my mind around all this. All I knew was that someone had saved me four times, and that there was a slight possibility that I was in love with him. Nothing else. I just had to find him.

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