Styles Triplets

There's three of them? SHIT!


3. Chapter 3

Louis POV
"You promised me a kiss." I said to Jackie outside the class. Zayn had his arm around her but let go.

"Lou?!" She said.

"What?!" I asked sassy like.

"Why do you want the kiss?" She asked.

"Because I do." I said ending with a duck face.

"Alright but during lunch." She said and walked into the class. Zayn shrugged and followed her and I did the same. 'Duck face mode' Harry came in and sat down in between Jackie and I.

"Marcel likes you" he smiled at her.

"Aww someone has a crush." Zayn said.

"I still get the kiss," I said looking over at her.

"Yes Louis but we just make sure Marcel won't see so he doesn't get sad." She replied.

"Then why don't we have the kiss right now?" I asked.

"Ok" she said and raised her hand.

"Yes Jacqueline," the teacher called.

"Can I got to the restroom?" She asked.

"Alright. Does anyone else have to go?" Ms.Orr asked.

"I do." I said raising my hand.

"Alright both of you go." She said and we left. Harry and Zayn just gave me you-gonna-get-that smiles. We walked out and she led me to the janitors closet. I closed the door and looked back at her. Her lips went onto mines before I could say a thing. I wrapped my arms around her and we kept the kiss going. She pulled away with her hands on my chest.

"That's it." she stated as she walked out the janitor's closet. I got out a minute later that way no one is suspicious.

Marcel POV
She is nice. I've seen her talk to Harry before but that's it. I knew she was in my first block I never sat near her. How did she know my name? Harry must've told her. I sat in Science and listened to Mr.Gould review and go back to a couple grades before when we studied the solar system. Ahh I remember that. Ah Jupiter you and your beautiful rings. Uranus with it's magnificent blue color. :]

Edward POV
Is it me or does it seem like my brother likes Jackie. Haha really? I can use that to black mail him into doing my homework. Maybe not though. I'm the bad one but I still have a heart. HA I'm going to use it against him. Idiot thinking I'm going to let that opportunity just pass by. The bell just rang. Finally out of here.

"Edward. Edward. Edward." I heard someone call me from behind. I turned around and there came Liam. We did the handshake and started talking.

"So you want me to help with the prom set up?" I asked.

"Well yeah you and that other girl that's in our gym class." He replied.

"Which girl there's millions" I asked.

"About this tall. Black hair. Glasses. " he described her.

"Oh you're talking about Jackie aren't you" I said with a smirk.

"Yeah that's her." He replied as we walked in different directions. I smiled when I saw her in class. She had her legs resting on Zayn and he was just laughing.

"Marcel likes you." I said as I sat down behind her.

"I know but ehh-" she cut herself off. Now Zayn was giving her a confused what-the-fuck look.

"But what?" I asked drying to make her spill.

"You can't love someone if you can't love yourself." She said with her head resting on her hands.

Zayn playfully hugged her and said, "We love you how you are. You should too."

"Aww touchy he's always trying to make you smile." Louis stated as he sat down next to me.

"Are you being jelly Louis?" She asked playfully.

"Jelly of what?" He said with a smug smile.

"Jelly of this handsome guy" she replied as she pinched his cheek.

Jackie POV
"Zayn and crew be quiet." Mrs.Lloyd stated.

"And crew" Edward said under his breath.

"What was that Edward Marie Styles?" I teased.

"Why do have to bring that up?" He responded with a pout.

"Come on like you wouldn't" I added.

"Be quiet back their" Mrs.Lloyd hissed. She started playing a video about something. I don't know I thought this was Math. Rawr I'm tired. I want coffee or candy.

"Zayn." I whispered his name.

"Yes?" He whispered back.

"Do you have any candy?" I asked.

"No." He replied.

"I DO!" Louis yelled causing the whole class to look back at us.

"Tomlinson that's detention for you." The teacher said as she wrote quickly on a slip of paper. Zayn and I looked back at Louis who was making the funniest yet most disturbing crying face.

"Damn Lou did you get hit by a bus?" Edward teased.

"You did!" He said pointing his finger back at Ed. We turned back to the video but soon enough I started thinking. What should I say to Marcel? Maybe I should avoid it for the time being... I'm not sure. I barely know the guy. I mean Harry and Zayn have hung out with me and he's talked to us about his brother but that's it. Until today he never even said hi to me. It must be one of them. At first sight crushes. Yeah that's it.

"Jackie." Zayn called my name as he snapped his fingers in front of my face. I jumped up a bit and looked at him.

"Jacqueline pay attention," the teacher fussed.

"When you learn how to pronounce my name then maybe." I mumbled. "

I'm sorry what was that?" She asked.

"-" Zayn covered my mouth so I wouldn't say anything, "she said nothing." He replied. 


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