Gangsta Girl

Katie Payne is Liam's goody two shoes sister, that is until she's not herself anymore. She falls head over heels for Zayn. Liam disapproves but the new Katie doesn't care. She soon learns how to shoot guns, hangs out with a gang and doesn't care about her grades anymore. Moving out by yourself when your 17 is a HUGE step, and one that Liam hates. But this is all happening because of one thing.... Bullying. Watch as her friends try to get the old Katie back.


1. The First Change

 Liam's POV
      "Katie you promised you wouldn't cut anymore!" I yell at my now trembling little sister.

      "Well what am I supposed to do? Between all the hate I get from your fans and bullying at school my life sucks!" She yelled back.

      "Since when do you cuss?" I ask shocked at what I just heard come from Katie's mouth.

      "Since now." She says and walks into her bedroom.

      "Katie wait."

      "No and stop following me around!"

      As soon as I step foot in her bedroom I notice that there are moving boxes everywhere.

      "Why do you have all these moving boxes?"

      "Because I'm moving. And you need to stop worrying about me. I'm not a baby anymore."

      "You may not think so but I always will because you will always be my baby sister."

      "Oh Liam just get a life." She says pushing me out the door and slamming it behind me.

      What does she mean shes moving? I'll have to bring it up to Mum later.

Katie's POV

       Liam is so fucking annoying. He needs to get a life so he can stop worrying about mine. I know I'm only 17 and that's young to be moving out but I have a friend who wants me to live with her. She bullied by Megan, Kasey and Alison too, so we have a weird friendship. Anyway, Mum will be home in an hour so I'll borrow her truck while Liam will be Liam and snoop in my personal life.

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