Double the Styles

Tess Jennings was one of those girls that when you look at her you'd probably think, "Wow she must be that stuck up popular girl like in the movies." And for the record, that's half true. She was popular and pretty like in the movies, but not stuck up. She was a sweet, caring, beautiful, young girl. All the guys would hit on her & comment dirty things. But all she did was look down on them in disgust. Despite her popularity, her best friend was the last person you'd expect. Marcel Styles. The down-look dork of the school that everyone teased. Everyone bullied him despite the fact his best friend was "the popular girl" and no one bothered Tess about be best friends with "that dork". It was a weird system, and the two hated it. But suddenly something happens that might change everything in their lives. Marcel's twin brother is released from reformatory school after getting in serious trouble. A story about a boy no one ever knew. His name? Harry Styles.



Chapter 8 -


Marcel's POV: We got home and I quickly walked into the house.

"Night mate." Harry called out to me as I rushed up the stairs. 
"Yeah, night.." I mumbled, not that he even heard it.

I got in my room and shut the door behind me, locking it in the process. I sat on my bed, my head in my hands,

"Why? Why?!" I screamed into a pillow, tears threatening to spill out of my eyes.

They think I didn't see it, but I did. I saw them kiss. I saw every movement and every bit of it. I only looked up from my phone for a moment, but that moment was enough for me to witness the one thing that could really hurt me. The girl I loved falling for someone else. And this guy wasn't just any other guy, he was my brother. My brother. I knew Tess would never like me, but lately..I don't know, she just seemed like she might have maybe liked me a little bit. But clearly it was all in my head. She never liked me, and she never will. Harry's got her now and they've only known each other for a day. I've loved her for 6 years, but it's not like that means anything to her because she probably likes Harry. I laid in bed, replaying the image of my brother kissing Tess. The memory kept haunting me, I couldn't get it off my mind. Soon my eyes began to flutter close and I eventually managed to fall asleep.

Tess' POV: I got ready for bed and scrolled through Tumblr. All the posts and pictures on my news feed just passing by my eyes, I didn't notice any of them because my mind was focused on one thing. The kiss. It was crazy..and I loved it. Dammit. What about Mandy? I can't like Harry and he can't like me. Mandy would be heart broken..I can't do that to her. I shut my laptop and threw my head onto a pillow. 

"Ughhh, why does everything have to be so difficult!" whispered to myself.

Well, I mean I guess I don't have to tell her what happened tonight. I rolled my eyes. Yeah sure, I tell myself that now, but eventually I know it's going to come out. I just can't shake the feeling of knowing that Mandy will probably hate me for this. 

*beep beep*

I checked my phone, a text from Harry.

Harry: "Hey, thanks for tonight. Had a great time with you. Hope we can hangout soon, just us?xx"
Me: "Yeah, I had a nice time too. And if you want, there's a cute café downtown. We can head there on Wednesday night if that's okay?"
Harry: "Okay, sounds good. My treat (:"
Me: "Haha, yeah right. The café was my suggestion, my treat!"
Harry: "But it was my suggestion to go out, so don't argue love, because I'm buying(;"
Me: "Fine, (: Night Styles."
Harry: "Aha, night Tess.xx"

I sat my phone down on my bedside table. After the conversation, I immediately felt guilt in my gut. Mandy. The moment he texted me I just forgot about everything and now I made date plans with him. Well, no one ever technically said this was a date, so...we're pretty much just going out as friends. Just friends. She can't get mad at me for that. Can she? Oh well, I don't have time for this right now, I have to get to bed. I set my alarm for tomorrow morning and drifted off.

~Next Day (Tuesday)~

(Still) Tess' POV: I woke up the next morning, got ready, and drove to Mandy's house to pick her up. On the way to school, she kept asking me questions..about Harry.

"Harry's so cool! Do you think he likes me?" 
I paused for a moment, "Uh, I don't know.." I mumbled.
"Maybe I should ask him if he'd like to go out..or maybe I should wait for him to ask. I don't wanna seem too forward. But maybe if I say it's just hanging out. What do you think?" she asked me excitedly.
"Er, yeah I guess." 
"Okay, well maybe I'll ask him if he wants to see a movie tomorrow night."
I sat up quickly. She stared at me weirdly, "Uh, Tess you alright over there..?"
I cleared my throat, "Um..yeah it's just, maybe tomorrow's not a good day.."
She laughed, "Why not?"
" see Harry's kind of busy."
"How would you know that?"
"Because..I'm kind of the reason he's busy..we're going to that café downtown tomorrow.." I waited anxiously for a response.
"...Do you like him?"
"N-no, I mean you like him, so I can't. I don't. We're just hanging out as friends." I lied. I couldn't tell her I like him, she'd hate me. 
"Okay, well then maybe you can like, try to get him to ask me out?!" she bursted out, suddenly all bubbly. 
"Y-yeah, I guess so." I have no idea why I agreed to that, but it was too late. I had already said yes so there's no turning back. I don't even know how I was supposed to do that, but I guess I had to now.
"Yay! Thanks Tess!" she hugged me and hopped out of the car as we pulled into a parking space.
"Yay.." I mumbled, disappointed. I wanted to be a good friend, but I wasn't exactly too crazy about trying to set up the guy I like with my best friend.

We walked to our lockers to get our stuff for homeroom. After Mandy left to go to her class, Harry came up to me.

"Hey Tess. Can't wait for our date tomorrow night. See you in class." he winked at me before entering the classroom.

"Crap." I said to myself.

I wasn't going to just go up to him and be like 'Yeah Harry, you know our date? Well it's not a date. I mean it is, but it isn't. See, we can't call it a date. And it can't actually be a date. Well it can, we just can't say it is. Because you know Mandy likes you and I have to set you up with her. You know what I mean? Well anyways, I'm looking forward to our date that's not a date..bye!' That sounds freakin' insane, but that's basically what's going on now.

I'm so frustrated, I don't know what to do. I looked down and whispered to myself, "" 


Author's Note: So sorry for the short and crappy chapter! Haha, I can't believe I just wrote that, it's so bad! But for some reason I've been having a bit of writers block. I've just been a bit stressed since school is starting soon. I'll try to make up for it next time(: I think I'll be writing up some pre-written chapters so I don't fall behind when school starts! But anyways, thanks for reading! Goodnight.xx (BTW, Congrats Zerrie!)

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