Double the Styles

Tess Jennings was one of those girls that when you look at her you'd probably think, "Wow she must be that stuck up popular girl like in the movies." And for the record, that's half true. She was popular and pretty like in the movies, but not stuck up. She was a sweet, caring, beautiful, young girl. All the guys would hit on her & comment dirty things. But all she did was look down on them in disgust. Despite her popularity, her best friend was the last person you'd expect. Marcel Styles. The down-look dork of the school that everyone teased. Everyone bullied him despite the fact his best friend was "the popular girl" and no one bothered Tess about be best friends with "that dork". It was a weird system, and the two hated it. But suddenly something happens that might change everything in their lives. Marcel's twin brother is released from reformatory school after getting in serious trouble. A story about a boy no one ever knew. His name? Harry Styles.


6. I'm Sorry.

Chapter 6 - I'm Sorry.


Harry's POV: After I came home, mom and dad were all over me, smothering me with love and whatever again. I love them too and all, but really? They're acting like I was in a freakin' coma for 5 years. I'm glad they're happy I'm here and all but I think mom has asked about 15 times if I needed anything. Well at least they're glad I'm back..unlike Marcel. I messed up with my brother so bad. He was my best friend and he was the only person I thought cared about me. So when dad and I moved I didn't really talk to him because I was too afraid I would become depressed if I tried to stay in contact with him because I missed him so much. Then when I was in reformatory school, I tried so many times to work up the nerve to call him, but...I was scared. Scared he'd be too embarrassed by the fact that his brother was someone who was sent off to some ward. Besides, by then I thought he was mad at me for never calling him after we moved...and I was right. He was pissed and there's got to be something I can do to fix this. I just don't know what. My phone began going off to the tune of Marimba.

"Fuck. I really need to change that." I mumbled to myself.
That stupid tone was going off, which means I was getting a call from "unknown". 
I answered it, finally putting a stop to the irritating sound, "Hello?"

Tess' POV: "Hello?" a deep voice asked through the phone.
I swooned slightly, Harry's thick English accent making my heart race a little....more like a lot.
"Uh, hey Harry. It's Tess, from school." I mentally cursed myself. That sounded so lame. Geez Tess, why do you have to be such a loser?!
"Tess! Hey, what's up?" his voice picking up a little jump. I smiled at the fact that his tone of voice got a little perkier when he said my name.
"Nothing really, I just wanted to know if maybe you wanted to come and hang out, get some coffee or something in a bit." I bit my bottom lip nervously, hoping for a good answer.
"Yeah of course. and I?" 
"Oh, um no. I uh, I meant with Marcel and my friend Mandy too." Seriously Tess, seriously?
Harry chuckled quietly, "Oh yeah, I met Mandy earlier. So yeah sure. But...I don't think Marcel would really appreciate me tagging along.." his voice dropping a little, he sounded disappointed. Hurt. I felt so bad for him. He really loved his brother but clearly he thought his brother didn't love him back. 
I sighed into the phone, "Harry don't worry. I talked to him. He's fine with it, he wants you there." Okay so maybe the last part wasn't exactly said out loud by Marcel, but it's not like I was lying. I knew Marcel also wants things to go back to normal, and I know he does love his brother too. 
"Uh, well he just got home. Maybe I'll go talk to him." Harry sounded unsure, but I tried my best to reassure him.
"Well then I better go now. Go talk to your brother. Things are going to be fine, trust me. Text me when you guys are ready to head out, k?" I gave my best attempt to make him feel better.
"Okay, Tess. Thank you." his slow voice echoed through the phone. It's like I could feel him smiling through the call. I blushed a little, my cheeks burning red.

"You're welcome Harry. Bye now." I heard him mumble a small goodbye before he hung up. I thought about what's going to happen between the two. I really hope everything works out. I texted Mandy and I told her I was heading over. I didn't know she had already met Harry..

Harry's POV: I heard Marcel drop his keys on the table and shut the front door.

"Hey mum, dad." I could hear him say from downstairs. 
"Hi sweetie." mum greeted him.
"I'm just gonna go upstairs for now. I'm heading out later too." 

I could hear him going up the stairs. He walked right past my room. Even with the door was wide open, he didn't bother to look my way. I took a deep breath and got up. I stopped in front of his door, knocking on the frame gently.

"Marcel?" I asked nervously. He looked up from his textbook to look at me, no real expression being shown on his face. 
"Hi." he responded, looking back down at the textbook. I stayed at the door, unsure if I should go in. I walked in slightly, hoping he wouldn't kick me out.
"Uh, can I talk to you?" I asked, hesitantly.
"Okay." he stated, still not bothering to look up. 
"Marcel, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry! I know you're mad at me, and you have every right to be. I was a dick for not talking to you after mum and dad split up. I was just upset. Nervous. Scared. I was afraid of talking to you, because I knew if I reminded myself of how much I missed you, I wouldn't be able to hold my self together. I was afraid I would snap. That I wouldn't be able to handle being away from my brother, my best friend. To tell you the truth, it was too much for me to handle. And during the whole process I never thought about how you felt. I never thought about your feelings. And I'm so sorry! Marcel please! I was an idiot and I was selfish. After I got sent off, I tried to contact you. Really, I did. I tried to work up the guts to call, but I knew you were mad. I knew you were upset with me for not talking to you. And I thought you were ashamed of me. Ashamed that your brother was this guy who got accused of murder, then became a trouble child, then got sent off for all of it. I didn't think it through, I know that. I just couldn't handle hearing you be mad at me. I couldn't handle hearing you be upset with me, I just couldn't do it. But most of all, I couldn't bare hearing your voice through the phone, telling me how much I had hurt you all these years. I just couldn't. Marcel, you're my brother, my best friend, and the only person I could turn to. I know I don't deserve your forgiveness, but please! I need you to tell me that you forgive me, that we can go back to normal. I need to hear you say that you accept my apology. Please." I tried to fight back the tears that were trying to break through. All this time, I had never said it. I never admitted to myself how I felt about everything. I always knew it deep down, but I never really let it get to me. I never let myself realize all the pain I had caused not only to me, but to the people I loved. I waited anxiously for a response from my brother. 
He got up from the bed, looking at me straight in the eyes. 

"No Harry. I just don't think I can forgive you."


Author's Note: Thank you guys sooo much for reading my story! I didn't think it would get the response it did! It got over 500 reads in a week and it's all because of you guys! I love you all! Don't forget to like, favourite, and become a fan if you haven't already(: Also, please share this with your Directioner friends as well! Thanks again guys, bye! xx

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