The special night

Friday night , home alone (parents are on a anniversary vacation) . I decided to go on omegle just to fight off my boredom. When I decided to get off , they came on. Who were "they" and did they stay on ? Find out in this new/first movella by yours truly :)

Ex oh ex oh ❤❤


3. Andrew

Shianne's P.O.V.

I was running I didn't care if there were creeps or anyone watching me I just , RAN .

5 minutes later ** 

My P.O.V .

She finally came !! We ran upstairs like there was no tomorrow only to find harry and zayn talking ... About me .....

Harry's P.O.V.

" She better hurry up ! " 

"dude why do you care so much ? It's not like you like her or anything . Besides its not like we'll have a chance with her , she probably has a boyfriend "

My P.O.V.

"she probably has a boyfriend " those words processing through my mind bringing back all of the memories with my Andrew . How cod I forget about him he was , perfect . I know he was no Harry Styles or Zayn Malik but he was to me . I love him . 

"Leyla , you ok ? " she said whispering but I didn't reply , I couldn't I was too confused 

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