Fire & Ice

Jessa Claire, she's your average hockey player. Oh, wait, did I just say she's a hockey player? You bet. Oh, and her best friend, Preston, he's a figure skater. The guys hate him, the girls hate her. Both tired of the teasing, they decide to swap. He tries to teach her how to figure skate, and him hockey. But, what will they do when the Fire & Ice competition comes up, offers a spot for a duet, and Preston forgets how to skate?


2. How To Be A Heartbreaker

  I came up to the same building I've come up to for the past 6 years. Glad to be back, I thought, as I pushed the door open. Out in the front room, sat Ursen Hylt, and Ikarium, my closest friends on the team. They each greeted me the same way, a nod. 

  I sat down next to Hylt. "So, you guys ready for the game against the Knights?" I asked. 

  "Aren't we supposed to be asking you that? I mean, you were the one to get BC'd by a Penguin," Ikarium said, "And, you're kind of the youngest, and really the only girl on the team."

  "And being a girl makes a difference how?"

  "Well, there's one thing girls don't have, and guys do." Hylt said.

  "Oh so I don't have a dick to get shoved up my ass, or testicles to get kicked in, big whoop. As a matter of fact," I said, sending the guys into laughter. They are sick. "It's kind of an advantage."

  "Very, very funny Ms.Claire. But, I meant testosterone. You know, that thing that make guys get facial hair, and muscles. Yeah, girls don't have that."

  "So, you don't have to be the strongest person on the team."

  "Well, the younger the player, the shorter the pass," Hylt said.

  "Yeah, well I'm a year older than her, and I pass the farthest. Got a problem?" Ursen said. Our conversation went from passes, to puppies within the five minutes we were sitting there. Then, coach got there, and we were able to go on the ice.

  We did our normal drills, and then the Nightmare drill. I loved the Nightmare Drill, and with the song How To Be A Heartbreaker playing, I was on fire.

  "Good work, Claire. I still don't know how you were able to maul the entire team." Coach said, patting me on the back during our five minute break.

  "It's this little thing I like to call 'hidden strength,'" I said, "It's really helpful, when you're a girl. Who doesn't have testosterone, according to some people." I finished, nodding towards Hylt, Ikarium, and Oj.

  "Alright, lets go through our plays," Coach barked, "Now, back on the ice. You, too Peters." He yelled, as the rest of the team made their ways to the ice.

  "Now, lets go over the Horse. The last time we tried that, there was a flaw," Coach said, glancing over at me. How was that my fault? Whatever, lets just go on. "We nearly had to go into overtime, and when the Penguins do overtime, they replace their players. So, they're stronger than we'd be. Know what that means? Losing." He continued.

  "Coach, maybe we need to get rid of some un-needed weight." Oj suggested. This wasn't one of his first attempts to get rid of me. 

  "Shut it, Orange Juice." We laughed, as Oj turned bright red. "Or, maybe its cranberry juice, considering the shade of red on your face." We laughed harder.

  "Well, why is she here? Hockey isn't a girl's game!" He yelled, shutting everyone else up. "Don't defend her, just because she can't do it herself."

  "Hey, sit down Cranny." Ursen laughed.

  "Shut it, Chris!" He said, silencing everyone who laughed at Ursen's joke. Whoa, that was crossing a line. Two years ago, we all agreed that we'd call each other by our last names when we saw each other. Even at school. At first, I forgot his name was Chris.... Oops.

  "I'm saying, Jessa isn't tough, strong, or smart enough to be on our team. Hell, her name is so girly it makes me want to throw up." He blazed. "And, the fact of it is, she screws everything up. If she'd taken the shot I had to save before being back chucked, we would've been safe anyway. But, she didn't." 

  "Now, that's enough," Coach said, finally done.

  "No, that's okay. He's right. I'm not boy enough. I'll just go see if I can figure out how to do a toe loop in these. Or I might as well trade spots with Preston. See you guys later." I said, grabbing my bag, and exiting with my head held high, which was mixing with the hot feeling in my cheeks.

  As I entered the same room I'd been in ten minutes ago, I saw Preston sitting on a bench. "Oh, uh, hey Jess," He said. The girls were busy warming up, why wasn't he in there? "How's it going?"

  "I quit."

  "You what?!" He exclaimed. He sounded more shocked than Luke Skywalker when he found out Darth Vader was his father. Sorry, I'm a bit of a film geek. "Sorry, I thought you just said you quit."

  "That's exactly what I said. Oj was being an Oj, and I couldn't take it." I explained, setting my bag down next to him.

  "Preston, what are you doing out here?" Shawnna said, sounding particularly perky.

  "With her?" Cheyenne followed.

  "Oh, just taking a breather. I'll be there in a sec." He assured his biggest fans. God, they make me sick.

  "So, why aren't you in there with your little monkeys? I thought by now you'd have morphed along with them." Shawnna snapped.

  "What, is little Jessa upset? Her cheeky-weekies are all red." Cheyenne said, mocking a... I don't know what that was.

  "No, Jessa isn't. Jessa is just cold, and would like to warm up." I explained, creating one of the biggest lies ever. They must have sensed how long I was here....

  "Well, Jessa- Oh sorry, I meant monkey girl, should get back to her little monkey friends." Shawnna said. Well, alright then.

  "Oh, high-five!" Cheyenne cheered, " That's how you be a heartbreaker!" She glowed, giving her hero a high-five. Shawnna grabbed Preston by his hand, and led him back into the rink. He looked back at me and shrugged.

  Lovely, now I'm alone. The room was so empty, and so quiet, and lonely, I kind of lost it for a moment, and screamed. "Why is life so unfair!" I asked, raising my voice as high as I could, and then feeling the lump in my throat. I looked out the window, and saw Shawnna and Cheyenne laughing.

  Time to walk home and explain everything. Fabulous. On the upside, I'll be able to finally enjoy the cold. It'll freeze my tears.

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