Apocalypse Love

Hello. I'm Claire. My family is dead. They are properly walkers by now. I have to stay alive and fight the walkers. I find a jail that looks abandoned, but there is a group of alive people in it. I meet the group leaders son. At first he didn't trust me, but as the days past I got him to talk to me more. Will we become more than friends? Will our relationship kill someone? And will I be kidnapped because of it?


2. Meeting Carl

Chapter 2

I woke up to someone yelling. I looked around outside the gate and saw a guy that looked around my age. He had a hat on, blue eyes, and was wearing  a t-shirt with blue jeans.

The guy who looked through my stuff said "Carl, I want you to stand guard of her gate." So the guy my age must be Carl.

Carl said "Fine, but don't expect me to be nice."

Carl looked behind his father (the person who looked through my stuff) and said "Oh look, she's awake."

His father turned around towards me and said "My son is going to keep watch out for you, so don't do anything stupid."  I nodded at his father.

His father turned back around towards Carl and said "Dont go inside her cell, only if you are giving her food."

Carl said "Okay dad." Then his father left the room. 

I looked at Carl, and he stared back at me. I looked away, and said "What am I suppose to do in here?

Carl said "Uh, Nothing."

I sighed and said "Can I show your father I can help them kill walkers or fight enemies?"

 He said "Yeah, one sec."  He turned around and left the room.

2 minuets later he came back with his father. His father said "I didn't say my name but I'm Rick, and I want you to show us what you can do, to help us." I nodded my head as Rick got his keys out to unlock the cell I am in.

I asked "So where am I going to show you?"

Rick answered by saying "Outside the gates of the jail."

I asked "What weapon am I going to use?" 

Rick turned towards me and handed me my baseball bat. Before we got outside I saw 2 walkers in the hall that lead outside. I took my baseball bat and smashed one of the walkers in the head.

I turned towards the other walker and took its head off. I heard Rick whisper to Carl "She's actually pretty good." Carl rolled his eyes at his fathers words.

Rick opened the door to the outside, which was covered by fences and said "Carl , open the gate." Carl sighed and followed what his father said.

Next chapter will be outside. And should I continue?

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