Going Solo

Sabriel Eldar could want for nothing. She has thrills, adventure and excitement lining up on her doorstep, and the luck to survive anything life throws at her. But when a mysterious phone call for a job leads her into the extensive underworld of the city, she can only watch as everything around her is destroyed, piece by piece.


3. A Familiar Face

Shock. Confusion. Doubt. An intense maelstrom of emotion roiled inside her before logic shut it out, locked it down. She’d deal with it later, but now she needed to focus.


“No. That isn’t possible. Double check it.”

“I have. And triple checked it. I’m in the Grey Knight’s database now, and everything is saying the same. He looks pretty similar to me too, do you think-”

“He’s dead Dave, I saw the body.”

“Well if he’s not James, who the hell is he?”

“I don’t know.”


Sabriel shut off her comms link angrily and started to look around the apartment. Though at first glance the tabletops strewn with takeout packets and empty coffee mugs seemed like a normal kitchen, Sabriel wasn’t convinced. She pulled out a drawer. Empty. She flung open the cupboards, threw drawers onto the pristine floor. All empty. Vaguely aware of Dave frantically buzzing her comms, she picked up the nearest takeout container and looked at it. It was clean. There wasn’t even a drop of sauce on the lid.

“It’s a trap. Shit, oh shit, it’s a trap!” She could feel panic threatening to overwhelm her, fighting for control.


Suddenly, feeling coursed through her. It wasn’t pain, exactly, just an intense awareness of where her body was.

“Thank you!” It was Dave. “Bloody hell Sabriel, you idiot! There are military transports closing in on your position. I think they’re bomb squads!”

Aw, crap.

“Can you get me a specific location?”

“The first one just pulled into the parking lot. Guys in black just came out, They’re definitely a bomb squad. Give me a second, I’m hacking their comms… Gotcha!”


Her comm lines crackled and flared into life, bringing with them harsh voices.

“…Archangel, this is Sierra-zero-one, we are at the target location, how do you want us to proceed?”

“Sierra, proceed to room nine-oh-six-four, we have solid intel on an IED in that area. Check your targets though, intel suggests civilian hostages and military personnel are in the building. Callsign is whiskey, return is foxtrot.”


Sabriel stopped listening. She walked over to the corpse, and started rifling through his pockets. She pulled out a comm link, a spare ammo clip, and…

“Shit.” A military id. “Hey, you might wanna look at this, kid. It’s your future going up in flames.”


She threw J’zharr the id and heard thirty seconds of consecutive swearing. If this guys really was from the army, they was in deep shit. Sabriel kept looking, eventually finding what she was looking for. Her fingers closed on a rubber grip and a plastic case, and she pulled out a detonator.


“Dave, help me out here, what are they doing?”

“They’re coming up the stairs Sabriel, I hope you’re doing something.”

Sabriel was searching the room, ripping up cushions, looking everywhere.

“Sabriel. Sabriel, give me a gun.”

“What? Why?”

“Just give me one!”

Against her better instincts, she handed him back his pistol. He turned it round and started hitting the walls.

“What are you doing?”


Then he stopped, near an open balcony. He tapped the gun against the wall, then moved it two inches to the left and tapped again. It was a lighter sound. Much lighter.

“Found it.” He gripped the barrel of the gun and swung it hard, smashing the wooden boards. Red lights flickered. Explosives. And lots of them.



Then another piece of board fell away, sending dust up into the air. Hanging in the air, the dust beeped. Wait, what? A number showed through the brown mist.


Oh shit.


“Sabriel!” It was Dave.


“Sabriel, run!”


Something tackled her, sending her flying out the open balcony. She soared through the sky, freefalling, tumbling out of control.







In the moments before the explosion, Sabriel stopped hearing, and managed to turn around in time to see the massive fireball far above her, eating greedily away at the side of the building. But then she slowed. She could faintly hear Dave, but her ears were still ringing. The comm link was ripped from her ear and the last thing she saw was a shard of metal, falling, getting closer and closer until-


A/N Hey guys. I haven't done anything for this story in a while, but I didn't have an idea. I'm aware that these chapters are a lot shorter than my fantasy chapters, but I just find these harder to write. Hopefully I'll see you again soon but until then, peace out.

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