Held Back

Melissa, a 17 year old girl, has a sad story. Her life is not what it seems she wants it to be. With no friends, and a father who does not care about her. She feels, no one cares. This is her story.


6. Who? What? WHY?

 Of course... my uncle comes bursting through the door.  "I HAVE WENT EVERYWHERE LOOKING FOR YOU! I KNOW YOU DID IT.  AND I CAME TO DO WHAT I SHOULD HAVE DONE A LONG TIME AGO.  YOU CAN GO BACK AND CRY TO MOMMY AND DADDY IN HEAVEN CAUSE THAT'S WHERE YOU'RE HEADED!"  He screamed right in the doorway.  "Look you may be my uncle, but I am just letting you know I hate you.  With all of my gut I HATE you."  I said crying.  I knew that would make him mad, but let me tell you, it fell so good to finally get that out of my system.   I heard a car pull up and the door slam.  Who was it now?  All I could wish for was it to be the boys.  I was still unsure about them, but I knew I loved them deep inside me.  My parents must have been listening to my wish because all of a sudden Harry comes running through the door.  He punched my uncle.  I was speechless.  The other four came running to me asking me if I was okay.  "Did he hurt you?  What happened?  Are you okay?"  While they were asking all of the questions,  I was crying hysterically.  I didn't answer any of the questions.  Harry walked over and gave me a hug.  I nuzzled my face in his neck still crying.  All the others joined in.  I felt loved.  I haven't really ever felt loved ever since my parents died.  It was comforting.  I couldn't ask for more at this point.  I let go of Harry's hug and wiped my tears away.  " As long as you're okay, we are okay.  Now, would you like a snack? " Liam was kind enough to ask me.  "Please." I answered him back.  My uncle was still laying unconscious on the floor.  "Here maybe I should call the police now." Harry said.  He called and Liam came back with chips and soda.  "Thanks." Liam winked back at me.  When the police arrived, my uncle was awoken by all the noise.  "What the hell?  I WILL get you, stupid little-." The police had closed the door, cutting off his sentence.  I got up, and gave each of them a hug.  In return, they all gave my a kiss on the cheek.  "Guys, I really want you all to know, I really appreciate everything you have done for me so far.  I know I still don't really know you.  But, guys 'I Love You."  " We love you too, Melissa.  Let us know if you need anything." Zayn said, while the others nodded.  I smiled and ran up the stairs into the spare room.  I still wasn't comfortable calling it 'my' room.  So I didn't. "Love You!!!" they all yelled up the stairs.  I smiled and blushed.  " I love you guys too!" I yelled back down.  I went into the room and relaxed.  Everything hectic was done, and I  can just chill.  I was okay with that. 

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