Held Back

Melissa, a 17 year old girl, has a sad story. Her life is not what it seems she wants it to be. With no friends, and a father who does not care about her. She feels, no one cares. This is her story.


2. Running, running,gone.

    Running so much made me tired.  I ran until a saw my favorite bakery.  I decided to go and hang in there, I mean where else would I go?  I have no one at all.  I walked in to the bakery, and I bumped into a boy.  "Oh um oops, I am very sorry, sir."  "Not a problem. "  He had an accent.  A beautiful British accent.  I read his name tag and it said Harry.  With his gorgeous green eyes, I knew that I would fall for him.  He was really cute.  So after that mishap, I ordered something, payed, and I left.  I had ordered a large coffee and a muffin.  It tasted really great.  I couldn't seem to stop thinking about that boy's accent.  It just made me like go into a trans.  I knew that I would fall for him, I just knew it.  But I thought," Why would anyone like me?" Ever since my mother died, I felt worthless.  Like a piece of junk, a waste of space.  I walked around in a huge circle all around town.  Until I saw my uncle.  He finally left the bar, but it seemed like he was still drunk.  I tried hiding from him, but he saw me.  I didn't want him to know that I ran away just yet.  I wanted him to get what he deserved.  I wanted him to go to his house, and find nothing there but rubble.  And to never again find me.  I had to hide in the valley.  I hid behind a trash can. He never found me, so after I thought he was gone, I had to walk in a circle, around the building, just so I could avoid him.   It was getting later in the day, so I got hungry again.  I went to a a restaurant, that I have actually never eaten at.  Nandos was the name.  I walked in I stepped into the line.  I looked at the menu, and I didn't know what to try, so I asked someone what they thought was a good choice to eat.  "Excuse me, but I have never eaten here before, what is the greatest meal on the menu?"  The boy turned around.  He had big beautiful blue eyes, and short blonde hair.  "Well personally I like pita with hummus, and a double breasted chicken wrap, peri chips, medium corn, the hot chicken wings, and a drink."  I thought to myself, that's a lot of food, and he is so skinny. "Thank you." I say, and I walk away.  I have already met a boy with gorgeous green eyes, with a British accent.  Now a met another cute guy, with beautiful blue eyes, and he had a Irish accent.  What's the deal wit hall of these cute guys today?  Maybe fate was in my hands.  I ordered exactly what the guys said he liked. I walked past him again and said,"I'm sorry I didn't catch your name?" "Niall, I see you got what I said.  Hope you like it." I nodded and walked away.  When I finished my meal-which was super good-  I walked another mile away from that city.  It was 11:30 by then, so I fell asleep on a park bench.  I hoped with meeting all the cute guys today, that meant good things ahead of me.  I drifted off into a deep sleep.  

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