love death sad

ann knows about the storys her "sister" tells are about her becuase she told her they where......... so i ran away i met a boy killed my best friend and started a war in a week.


2. what have I done

"Ok I'll go with you just tell me how I know you and why I am to come with you in the first place deal?"

"Ok." was all he said. We went to the ally and there was a car  with a man in it who also looked    familiar he must be older then us,asuming that Caesar is my age (hopefully he is) they both had dark hair and blue eyes Caesar was tall but the boy in the car was taller.

"Hey Frank get the car started her  mom will wake up in ten minutes"Caesar said.

"How do you know?"I asked but they did not here me.

"Ok I'll get it started in a moment let me introduce myself" He got out then turned to me and did a little bow "Hello my name is Frank and its an honer to meet you you have already meet my brother Caser he is not as gentelmanish as me." I could not help myself but to laugh out loud it was funny he bowed I mean how many people bow now a days inless to someone like a  King or Queen.

"Sorry"I say trying to stop laughing "I'm just not use to seeing people bow and maby you are right about Caeser but I like his way of saying hello way better." I said as I stoped laughing Caeser started and his brother punched him then got in and started the car.As soon as we stared driveing I fell asleep.

Now I'm thinking mom will be so upset....................what have I done?

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