love death sad

ann knows about the storys her "sister" tells are about her becuase she told her they where......... so i ran away i met a boy killed my best friend and started a war in a week.


1. bunkbeds

 My name is Ann pone im 15 years old,my twin sisters name is Sam she sleeps on the top bunk of our bunk bed.Sam likes to tell storys about a monster under her bed,then come home and tell me she told everyone a story about me,and when her friends come over they would retell it.One night after mom and Sam whent to bed I packed all my stuff in a bag and whent out the back door.

 There was a  boy standing by the back tree he looked vagely familiar witch was odd becuas if I ever had seen him I had not relized how hansome he was.He stood there streing at me I thought

 it was one of Sam`s friends becuase I had none so I do not go out alot.

"Who are you?Sams not up if thats who you are looking for" I asked.

"My name is Caesar and no I`m here for Ann Pone, she is to come with me to save the world do you know how I could find her ma`am?" He awnsered.

"I am her and who says I have to come with a stranger,stalker guy who just appers  in the middle of the night?"I said thinking 'OMG my knight  in jeans come at the perfect time when mom won't qustion him and Sam won't take him away!'

"None,I was hoping you would come,seeing you are runing away already."He said smiling a little.

" Well can iI trust you?"I asked

"Of corse."He said looking kind.

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