Skylar Wallace is in love with One Direction, especially Niall. She follows there every move. She even knows Harry and Niall like to make fake twitter accounts to talk to their fans. And she has her suspicions when a random boy named Leroy Conner direct messages her, saying he's a directioner as well.

Niall Horan an Harry Styles love talking to their fans, but the only way they can without it being on covers of magazines is to d o it in secret, so they make fake twitter accounts, changing them every few so directioners don't catch on. This week for Niall, its Leroy, from their upcoming music video, The Best Song Ever.


4. Skype









I take little time picking out my outfit, just in case it really is Niall. My heart beats really fast as I comprehend my situation. Did the real Niall Horan just ask me out on a date, or is it some loser dude who's name really is Leroy? I fix up the mess in my room and clear off my desk next to the laptop. I sit down, prepared for anything. NiallJames is calling me. I hover my finger over the mouse for a second, then answer it. Ohmigod. I see a picture of Niall, a huge smile spreads across his face. "Y-your, the real..." I'm speechless. He laughs that incredibly cute laugh. I get over my shyness real quick as we start to talk. And we talk for a long time, I barely even remember that he is Niall Freaking Horan. "Are you tired?" He asks after we talk for 45 minutes. "A little." I shrug. "You look tired." He says, giving me an understanding nod. I laugh a little. "Yeah, I guess I am." I yawn. "You know, I never actually thought I'd talk to you, I never even thought I'd see you in real life." I say, looking at him. "Well, we haven't actually got a good look at each other in real life." He says. I feel myself blush. "Is that an offer Mr.Horan?" I joke. He looks down, hiding his blush. "I think it is." He replies, head still down. "Well, you'll pick me up at 8, is tomorrow good?" I ask. Trying to be the one in command. "Yeah, just give your address." "Then it's a date

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