Wouldn't Be Here Without Them

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  • Published: 23 Jul 2013
  • Updated: 9 Sep 2013
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Zayn, Niall, Louis, Liam, and Harry couldn't be here without their fans, Directioners. They have wanted to do something BIG for a very long time now, but management wouldn't allow anything. The boys had come up with something extraordinary to do for the fans. They knew that management wouldn't be happy about this, and it might just cost them their entire job, but the boys was going to go through with it.


2. Wait. We've met before?

                                                 Harry's P.O.V

During the concert I had spotted Megan. She seemed so familiar, but I have no clue where we would have met before. Then it hit me, she was Elissa's" friend, which is my awesome cousin. I couldn't keep my eyes off of Megan the rest of the show, and she couldn't resist not to look back at me. Which im so grateful for because her hazel eyes were so beautiful. Although I tried to calm down throughout the show to focus, it didn't seem to work. I could tell that my notes weren't the exact pitches from the original song, but I was too distracted to fix it. After the show, I started to freak out. I thought it was just on the inside, but apparently I was freaking out for real.


"What are you so excited about?" Liam asked a little worried. Well, more of a funny worry.


"Nothing. Nothing at all," I lied to them.


"Tell us! Did you see someone?" Zayn asked in a somewhat girly tone.


"No! Shut up," I replied.


"He did!" Niall laughed.


"Awh! Go give her a pass! Now go!" Louis exclaimed.


"I already did," I smiled.


"Well then, tell us about her! What happened?" They all said in sink.


"No! Come on we got to hurry!" I said a bit to loudly.


We all grabbed our things and rushed out of the building and into the bus. Niall, Zayn, and Louis all sat across the table from me, and Liam made me scoot over for him to sit.


"So. Tell us," Niall smiled.


"Go on," Zayn laughed.


"Please! I love story time," Louis laughed with Zayn.


"Fine," I smiled.


I started my story from when me and her had first laid eyes on each other. The day she walked into my grandparents house, my life had changed. I told them about how she came, and what our first conversation was like. I then replayed that night out loud to the boys. I'm so glad that they all stayed quiet during this. I begin to tell that we had re-met before the concert, but I hadn't remembered until we were halfway through the show. I told them about how we didn't let our eyes trail off of each other during the whole show, well after I had spotted her. By now, the boys were just staring at me, they were so interested. I smiled at that thought. I told them about how much I had missed her, and what it felt like, although there wasn't much words to describe it with. I missed her, and I hoped that she would come, but you never know.


"Awh!" Liam said as he patted my back after I was finished.


"It's true love! Really! It's been a year or so since then and you all just now got back in touch!" Louis yelled quietly.


"Alright guys. We're here. Are you positive about this?" The driver, asked us.


"Yes!" We all said as each one of us got out of the bus. We were pulled around the back of a restaurant, a VERY expensive one. It was worth it though.


We all took our seats, and told our waiter the names of our girls that would be coming back here. We were in a separate room from the rest of the building, which was nice because no one could take any pictures, and management wouldn't know. Some of the girls started to enter the room with beautiful dresses on.


"Hey Jenna," Louis smiled as he patted the seat beside him.


Jenna was dressed in a Navy Scallop strapless smock dress. Her hair was straight as a ruler, and her makeup was lightly done. Her shoes were brown boots, that matched her belt. After Jenna walked in, four other girls walked in.


"Come over here," Zayn said to all four of them.


He introduced us to Roslyn, who wore a aqua one shoulder dress, Tamara, who wore a white Lipsy V I P Bandeau Ruffle Dress, Abby, who wore a Sleeveless Chiffon Dress, and a girl named Hanah who had on a Metallic Peacock Embroidered dress. They all looked quite stunning, but I was just waiting to see Megan.


A few other random girls walked in, but they just creped us out, so people took them away. Gladly.


A girl in a Incredible Floral Printed Dress walked in quietly. She looked around to find Liam. Liam smiled at her and she slightly smiled back. She was so cute with her shyness!


"This is Marissa," Liam said.


"Hey," She said quietly.


Three more girls walked in.


"Hello Liam, Louis, Zayn, Harry, and Niall! I'm Sedona Grace," A girl with blue eyes, and curly brown hair said. She went over and sat next to Niall.


"I'm Christie," A girl with hazel eyes and brown hair said. Well, Christie.


"And I'm Hope," A shorter girl smiled as she walked in after Christie.


I waited for what seemed like forever for Megan to walk into the room, but maybe she just wasn't going to come. I might have creped her out at the concert. Then she walked in. She looked over at me first, and I couldn't let my eyes stop looking at how beautiful she was. She was wearing a flower trim multi layer lace dress, which was a turquoise hue. She had on white heels, and her hair was even more short then before and her hair was highlighted to more of a blonde color. She looked absolutely stunning. I could feel everybody's eyes on mine, but I didn't mind.

"You can sit over here?" I asked her as I pulled out a chair for her beside me.


"Thanks," She smiled as she took her seat.


                                                           Niall's P.O.V

I couldn't believe that she had really came. Okay, well who wouldn't come to this, from our concert? That was a dumb thought. She looked so pretty though. She really looked like a princess in her light pink milfield dress. She had on white sandals, and pink earrings. She didn't put on any makeup, which I loved. Her hair was braided to the side, almost perfectly. As she sat next to me while more girls walked in, I had this sudden thought to hold her hand. I looked under the table at her hand, and fought away my bad thoughts about it. I grabbed it and held onto it lightly. She looked up at me as we both intertwined our fingers. She had to be the girl. She just had to be.


                                                      Liam's P.O.V

Weirdly me and Marissa were matching, like a couple would on a double date. It was weird, because we hadn't even planned it, and she whispered to me that she didn't know anything. I didn't let that get to me though, because actually I kind of liked the matching. I gave her a hug so she would know that it was alright. As I hugged her I could feel her relax in my arms. She really did need someone to just hug I guess, or maybe she was really tired.


"So. Should we get started?" I asked the boys.


"Yeah," Louis smiled.


"Well, we brought you here, because we love you all. As our fans," Zayn started.


I could already tell that this was the best idea we had ever came up with, and I was so happy that we went with it.





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