Wouldn't Be Here Without Them

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  • Published: 23 Jul 2013
  • Updated: 9 Sep 2013
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Zayn, Niall, Louis, Liam, and Harry couldn't be here without their fans, Directioners. They have wanted to do something BIG for a very long time now, but management wouldn't allow anything. The boys had come up with something extraordinary to do for the fans. They knew that management wouldn't be happy about this, and it might just cost them their entire job, but the boys was going to go through with it.


3. The Secret Dinner and Numbers

                                                            Zayn's P.O.V

It was so weird that I was the one who gave out the most tickets. I mean, I would have thought that Harry or Louis would have just gave them out. I was totally wrong I guess. Harry only gave out one, which was to Megan. I could tell he liked her, ALOT. Every time she talked he would just watch her every move. Even though I had four beautiful girls beside me, I didn't enjoy it very much. Of course it wasn't them, it was just me not being used to it. I really liked the group of girls that we had picked for this event. Especially the girls I picked. They mostly kept calm throughout the night. I kind of wish they would have talked to me just a little bit more then they did. I normally started to conversation between the five of us. We all talked as a group about each other, except for us boys. We knew that they already knew what we were like. Well not exactly, but because of interviews and what not.


"Sorry," Hanah murmured, she was referring to her hand gliding beside mine.

"It's fine," I smiled. She smiled back.


"You look beautiful," I whispered to her.


"Thanks," She said as her cheeks turned rosy red.


"I'll be right back," Abbie said as she grabbed her phone from her pocket which was ringing, and walked through the door.


"Yeah me too," Roslyn said as she followed Abbie out of the doorway.


Was something wrong? Should I go to make sure that everything is okay? Well, it could have just been her mom or something. I pushed the thought away and got up without a word. I notice everyone's eyes were on me, but I still walked out. I found the two girls sitting by the bathroom doors. One crying, and one holding her.


"Whats wrong?" I asked in worry.


Abbie had been the one crying. Roslyn holding her.


"M-My Par-Parents," Abbie stuttered.


I didn't need anymore information before I went over to her and placed her in my arms. I hugged her tightly. She laid her head on my chest as she let out her tears. I didn't mind it really. She seemed so upset. I rubbed her back lightly, trying to lighten the mood just a little bit.


"It's okay Abbs," I reassured her.


"I'll leave you two alone," Roslyn said as she walked away.


"Wait no come here Roslyn," I yelled her name.


She turned around to face me, and she walked back. I scooted over a little with Abbs still hugging me, and hugged Roslyn too. Group hug I guess?


                                                             Louis's P.O.V

Me and Jenna were going great! We always joked around, and laughed together. Already, I was falling for her. I knew that I probably shouldn't, because I wouldn't ever see her again after tonight. Well, unless I changed that. We couldn't take it fast yet, because I wasn't even ready for a new relationship. I still hadn't exactly gotten over Eleanor. She still was the love of my life, but there does have to come a time where I get over her. She hurt me badly whenever she told me that she was liking someone else already. I could do this though, with Jenna.


We asked them what their favorite song was out of all of our songs so far, and most of them said that they liked Little Things, Or Best Song Ever. I couldn't agree more. They were awesome songs that we had come up with.


"I'll be right back," Abbie said as she got up from the table.


"Yeah me too," Roslyn said as she followed Abbie out of the door.


A little bit later Zayn got up and followed them. I stared at him crazily. They had probably just went to the bathroom, so what was Zayn even doing? If Paparazzi see him they are going to get pictures of him with them. Then again he could be going to the bathroom himself.


"So Marissa, you and Liam?" I winked at her.


"Not yet," Marissa joked.


"Yet?" Liam asked oddly.


Marissa looked over at Liam, and Liam looked back at her. They were reading each other minds or something weird because after a few moments they just smiled at each other and continued the conversation.


"What about you and Jenna?" Harry laughed.


"Were getting there you know," I smiled.


"Or are we?" Jenna joked with me.


Yeah we are.


"And you and Megan?" Niall asked.


They kept quiet for some time until Megan answered.


"Were just friends," She said.


"Yeah," Harry went with it.


I stared at him, knowing he was just a liar. You could tell that he was in love with her, and they he would do anything for her. That's when I decided to speak up.


"Why just friends?" I asked them both.


Again they both went quiet, but for a longer time.


They replied in sink.


"She doesn't like me?" Harry said.


"He doesn't like me?" Megan said.


Akward. They both just said the oppsite thing at the same time. Wait! Doesn't that mean that they like each other? Awhh! Cupid Louis coming.



"Changing the subject," Marissa started," What made you all do this? Wouldn't it cost you job," She finished.


"It could, and we love our fans so we wanted to do something," Liam said.


"That's awesome. We love you all too," Hanah smiled.


"Thank you!" Niall smiled.


"Hows your food?" Harry asked.


"Awesome!" Christie said.


"Great," Hope said.


Everyone responded with a positive input. It was actually really good.


                                                     Harry's P.O.V

I was so surprised what Megan had said. Did she really think that I didn't like her? Isn't it very obvious, I mean really? And she likes me to I think. If that's what "He doesn't like me" means. Which makes all the sense to me. Did she even have a boyfriend. I mean if she did I wouldn't ruin it for her, because she deserves to be happy. Did she want me to ask her out? Maybe on a date, or would she just reject me? I hated the thoughts that I was having right now.


I looked at my phone, and I came up with a GREAT idea. Her number.


I passed it to her under the table, and she caught the sign. She put the digits into my phone and handed it back to me under the table without any words. I read what she put her name under.  MeganLovesYou<3. I smiled and put my phone back in my pocket after looking at her number.


                                                            Liam's P.O.V

I asked Marissa what her number was on "Notes" on my phone. She typed in her number. She slid my phone back to me on the table. Making it noticeable. I laughed to myself as I picked my phone back up and looked what she wrote.


"Lol it's 564-352-4627(:"


I put my phone away since it was disrespectful to have phones our during dinner.


                                                               Niall's P.O.V

Me and Sedona had been messaging each other pretty much the entire time. She was afraid that they would judge her, and that's why she didn't really talk. I really wish she would though. I loved the sound of her voice in the air. I do think that's it adorable that were texting when I'm sitting right beside her. She was all in all adorable though. No doubt about it.


To-My Princess~ So, you like to play softball? I've never really understood the game, but I'd love to watch you play sometime?


From-My Princess~ Yep! I'm a catcher:P And yeah! You could come next Saturday to my game if your not busy? It's at 3 p.m. (:


To-My Princess~ Well then! Im actually off that day, so I'll try to come. Then we can hang out afterwards or something.


From-My Princess~ Yay!!! Yeah that sounds absolutely AWESOME!;)




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