One Direction Drama

They think dating one direction would be easy but they're extremely wrong


7. Part 7

Liam's POV
It's been 2 months since we've all started dating our girls. Tonight the guys wanted me to bring Jessica to the hotel so they could all meet her. I still haven't told Jessica I'm Liam Payne. 
I walked into the music store and saw Jessica drawing something on a sketch pad. "What's that, babe?" I asked leaning on the counter.
"Nothing!" She tried closing the sketch pad but I grabbed it before she could. I looked at the drawing. It was me. I mean the real me. Liam Payne. And Dang it was a good drawing. 
"Jess, this is a good drawing!" I smiled up at my beautiful girlfriend. She blushed, "It's not even done!" She snatched the sketch pad out of me hand and finished drawing and coloring it. 
"Can I have that?" I asked. 
"Sure." She tore the page out and handed it to me. 
I folded it up and gently put it in my pocket, "Come one, babe, let's go to the beach!" 
"Okay, baby!" She clocked out, waved at the person that was taking her place, and followed me outside. I stood there wide eyes as the paparazzi swarmed up. 
"Liam, who's the girl with you?" some one yelled. "Liam? Your name is Kyle!" Jessica whispered in my ear. 
Jessica's POV
Kyle or Liam or whoever this guy was that I've been dating for 2 months. I was pushed down on to my butt by one of the paparazzi people. I got up and ran off crying. 
I ran to my house and sat on my couch, crying. There was a knock on my door. I got up and answered it. Kyle/Liam stood there. 
"Jessica-" I cut him off. 
"Who are you?" 
He sighed and pulled his hair off. It was a wig. Then he took contacts out of his eyes. He unbuttoned the top 3 buttons on his shirt and exposed a birthmark. 
Liam James Payne, from one direction stood on my door step, "I'm Liam Payne." I slapped him. Extremely hard. His head flew to the left and his cheek became blood red. "I deserved that." He winced rubbing his cheek. 
"I HATE YOU!!!! I NEVER WANNA SEE YOU AGAIN!!!" I screamed tears pouring down my cheeks. "Jess-" 
"GO AWAY AND NEVER COME BACK!" I slammed the door in his face and ran up to my room.

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