The Styles Twins

Marcel and Harry Styles were twin brothers. Marcel was the nerdy one while Harry was the more popular one. Even though Marcel was not as popular as Harry, Harry never let that get in between them. Harry always stood up for Marcel. But what happens when the new girl comes between them?


2. New Girl

****Marcel's P.O.V.****
 I woke up and realized it was Monday. Ugh..great another day if torture. But I still get to learn! My gelled my curly hair like I always do. My curly hair is like Harry's but I like to gel it up. I put on my usual clothes, white dress shirt, sweater vest and a tie. Ready! I looked at Harry and saw he was still asleep so I decided to wake him up. 
 "Harry! Wake up! We have school!" I yelled.
"Ugh! Marcel!! 5 more minutes!" He replied still tired.
"It's 6:45! We have to leave in like 10 minutes!"
"Ugh fine!" He got up "Morning bro"
"Good morning"
As he got ready I went down stairs to eat breakfast. When I got to the kitchen my older sister Gemma was already sitting there. Finally Harry came down. Then we drove to school.  We had to pick up his friends Zayn, Niall, Louis, and Liam. They're actually really nice lads. They're nice to me. But we also had to pick up Harry's girlfriend Mia. They're perfect for each other! Then we finally got to school!
 I was walking to first period, math, when I bumped into somebody. 
 "Oh god! I'm so sorry let m-" I cut myself off as I looked up and saw the most beautiful girl. 
"Let me...l-let me help y-you with that" I stuttered.
"Why thank you, you're very sweet" She sounded like she had an Aussie accent
"Are you new here? I haven't seen you around before?" 
"Yes, I just moved here from Australia. I'm Callie" she introduced her self.
"Hello Callie, I'm Marcel. You are ver-" I was cut off by someone yelling.
"Yo! New chick! A hot girl like you shouldn't be talking to a nerd like Marcel over here!" Jace the school jock screamed. I looked down ashamed. You see...our school is like in groups. Nerds/nobodys, jocks and barbies (who are assholes and sluts), and populars (who are really nice). Even though I'm Harry's brother I don't look like him or act like him so I don't exactly qualify for a popular. Anyway, I was about to walk away when Callie responded.
"Maybe I want to talk to him. And maybe hot girls like me shouldn't be talking to ass holes like you!" I was shocked, no girl ever stood up for me! Jace's friends were trying not to laugh at what Callie said. 
 "Phht, whatever loser" Jace said and left. Then Harry came over with the lads. 
 "And don't ever mess with my bro again!" Harry screamed as he walked towards us. Then he saw Callie and smirked.
"Hey, thanks for standing up for my brother love" He smiled and winked at her. I couldn't help but feel a little jealous. Harry has a girlfriend for god sakes! 

****Harry's P.O.V.****
 I was walking to my first class when I heard some one yell. 
 "Yo! New chick! A hot girl like you shouldn't be talking to a nerd like Marcel over here!" I think Jace the ass screamed. When I heard Marcel's name I stormed over there. I was about to go up to Jace when I heard someone yell back.
 "Maybe I want to talk to him. And maybe hot girls like me shouldn't be talking to ass holes like you!" It was a girl. I tried not to laugh. Then Jace stormed off. As he was leaving I yelled at him.
 "And don't ever mess with my bro again!" I looked at Marcel was standing and saw this really hot girl with him. I smirked and went over to them with the guys. 
 "Hey, thanks for standing up for my brother love" I said smiling and winked at her. I totally forgot I had a girlfriend. 
 "No problem, nobody should ever be treated like that" She had an Aussie accent.
"Yeah, I just moved here from Australia, I'm Callie" That just made her even more hotter.
"Nice to meet you Callie, I'm Harry, Marcel's twin brother" I looked at Marcel next to her and saw a hint of jealousy in his eyes. Hmm...maybe I should let him have Callie...but she's just so hot! What are you saying Harry?! You have a beautiful girlfriend! 
 "Um yeah, I have to go to class now. Lets go guys" I said and left.
"She was hot" Louis said.
"I agree..but...I think Marcel likes her"
"How do you know?" Zayn asked.
"Because when I was talking to Callie...I was kinda flirting...and Marcel looked I wanna let him have her"
"You're a good brother mate" Niall said patting my back.
"I know!" 
"Wow...Zayn's rubbin' off on you! You're gonna be as vain as Zayn haha!" Louis said.
"Haha very funny" But what they didn't know is that I was already starting to grow feelings for Callie. This will not end well.

***Author's Note***
 This was the first chapter if The Styles Twins!!! Woop woop! I'll show you a pic of Callie in the next chapter. It's took much (t)werk to put a picture. Okay! Thanks readers for reading! Cute as a button every single one of ya! You're all just per-fect! Just like Zach! (It's Zayn...) What ever you say! But he's a good man! He's like a bro to me! Well I gotta go because One Direction. (Who?) One Direction, there the biggest boyband in the world...

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