The Styles Twins

Marcel and Harry Styles were twin brothers. Marcel was the nerdy one while Harry was the more popular one. Even though Marcel was not as popular as Harry, Harry never let that get in between them. Harry always stood up for Marcel. But what happens when the new girl comes between them?


1. Marcel & Harry

 Hi! My name is Marcel Styles. I'm 15 years old and I have a brother named Harry and he's the best brother you could ever have! Because well...I'm not the most popular guy in school. I always get picked on because people can't believe I'm Harry's brother. Harry's the popular one with the good looks and always getting girls and I'm the nerd sitting in the corner of the class room always doing work. Nothing good ever happens to me. I always get beat up but Harry always gets them before they do...sometimes. Well I have to get back to work...I have to do my homework!

 Hi, I'm Harry. Harry Styles. I'm 15 years old and have an awesome brother named Marcel! He's also my twin brother. He always gets picked on because he's a nerd, but who doesn't love nerds! I'm the popular one but I always stand up for my bro when I'm around him. I have a beautiful girlfriend named Mia and 4 awesome bestfriends, Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Niall. I always let Marcel sit with us at the lunch table because he has no friends...which is kinda sad because he looks exactly like me! Just with glasses, weird clothes, and his hair... Anyway gotta get to class ugh...

****Author's Note****
 Hey guys!! I just really wanted to do a fan fiction with Marcel! I mean c'mon! He's adorable! I would totally date a nerd if there were any cute nerds in my school:( *sigh* or any cute boys at least. Ugh my school's like a dump! Dump all the ugly boys! No offense...Anywhore read my other fan fictions too! ("It's Too Late" & "Missing Piece")

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