Stuck in the Books

Piper Addison Valentine is the epitome of a golden child. At the age of 15 she graduated high school, and was planning on a teaching degree. A secondary school offered her a job to get the funds for tuition. Now four years later she is understudying from her old teacher, and a private teacher. But what happens when the biggest boy band needs to freshen up on their studies?


3. Welcome (Piper's POV)


A/N: Hey thanks for reading!:D Umm... Piper if you didn't guess is modeled after Ariana Grande. You can also be a part of this story. I'm adding new characters for the extra tutors for Zayn, Louis, Harry, and of course Niall. Put the chosen name and some stuff about you. Back to the story:)


Wow a 56. These students got nothing. I was grading more of Mr. Peterson essay papers. After checking a couple more paper, I needed a new pen. I stood up from the desk to have the phone ringing. Of course I answered it.

"Hi Mrs. Wilson," I greeted.

"Oh hi Ms. Valentine. Can I have you come down to the main office please." Mrs. Wilson said.

"Sure. I'll be right there."

I hung up the phone and grabbed my phone. My phone case was the Harry Potter Marauders Map. It is one of my favorite movies ever, but Toy Story takes the cake. I couldn't find Mr. Peterson, so I just left a note. I walked down the main and giant hallway. I wondered why she needed me. I walked into the main office to see 5 attractive guys and a muscular man.

"Hi Mrs. Wilson," I said nicely. I looked back at the boys to see two of them whispering to each other, the other two were nudging the last guy who was staring at me. Weird.

"Hello Ms. Valentine, I would like you to meet Mr. Payne. Mr. Peterson said it would be ok I he understudied you on private teaching," Mrs. Wilson said. She pointed to the boy who was staring at me. He had short brown hair, and rich brown eyes. He was really good looking. Stop it Piper.

"Of course. Nice to meet you." I said trying to be friendly. I extended my hand; which he took without a second thought. He shook my hand a responded, " The pleasure is mine."

"Oh Piper, you will also be overseeing these men, um Harry, Zayn, Niall, and Louis on their studies."

Wait. "Does Mr. Peterson know?" I asked nervous a little.

"Yes he nominated you for the job. Now can you take Liam to Mr. Petersons room, while I take these four to the private teaching quarters." She told me.

"Sure, come on Liam" I said. Those same two boys nudged him again. Whatever. When we were about to leave the office to the busy hallway, but got stopped by Liam grabbing my arm.

" Sorry for grabbing you, but can we go a different way. I just don't want to get mobbed by fans." Liam asked.

"Umm. Sure. Follow me." I said. I walked back to Mrs. Wilson desk; she already was on the tour with the other boys. Her desk was in the shape of an J, with the straight part against a wall. I walked quietly into her desk, looking for the trigger. A picture of her grandson. So cute. Anyway I tilted the fame to the left, and right next to picture a door knob showed up. Liam look bewildered.

"How do you know about this," He asked; still puzzled on how I did it.

"I have my secrets," I retorted. I grabbed and turned the knob to find a pathway. I walked in and look back at Liam, who was not sure. " Are you coming? We kind of have a job." I laughed. He finally zoned back into earth.

"Oh yea." He said still a little shaky. He walked in front of me as I closed the passage door. I grabbed one of the hidden door keys too.

" Here is your key so you can get into any door in the school." I handed him his key. He gave me a smirk.

" Thanks." He said kind of darker. He was so cute. Calm down Piper. I stepped in front and lead him to Mr. Peterson's room. "Does this take you everywhere in the building?" he asked.

" Yea this is where I go when I need to help other teachers." I said

"Why don't you just go in the hallways?" He asked

"Why don't you?"

"I asked you first."

"Fine. I just don't want to be seen by the students." He took a second to stop me.

"Why don't you want to be seen?" he asked.

" Well, when I was in secondary school I would always be made fun of and just the kids would so cruel. I just don't want to relive that again." I said. He gave me a very sincere look.

" I'm so sorry. I didn't know. If it makes you feel better, I had the same experience. I was just very closed off and people always found something in me that was super funny to make fun of." He said looking at the ground

"Well, welcome. We are all stuck in the books." I said as we entered a big study. There were book shelves lining the walls and a huge sky light. This is where all the private teachers who are around my age hang out.

"Wow this is amazing." He was in awe.

"Come on Liam. We have to go to Mr. Peterson's room." I said which snapped him out of his trance. He nodded and followed me. On the way to the classroom, Liam and I talked about school life more. Even though he was a huge superstar, he also dealt with bullies. He was sweet, kind, funny, corny, sensible, and very attractive. He was kind of like every girls prince charming. 'God Piper, what are you talking about,' I thought.

"Which way do we go now," Liam asked. Thank god that I zoned back in.

"Um, turn left there," I pointed to a hallway ,"And there we are". He nodded and turn his attention back to walking. I don't know why, but Liam is different from other guys. I just don't know. Anyway, We were at the secret entrance to Mr. Petersons room.

"Liam, I'm warning you that there are some girls who are going to flip when they see you entering their classroom. Maybe do you want to stay in here until Mr. Peterson announces you are you?" I asked

"Yea, Sure. Just to be safe." he said in thinking of it.

I quickly opened the secret door; which was in the copying room right off of Mr. Peterson's room. I entered the classroom which was full freshman, who were very nervous looking. I calmly walked over to Mr. Peterson.

" I know this stuff is hard, but I need your attention, effort, and respect. And I'll get us through this hard couple chapters."

"Um, I have the new guy. Do you want to tell the students who he is?" I asked stressing 'who he is'.

"Oh yes. Students, we will be having a teaching helper like Piper. Please all girls take a breath. The helper is a man named Liam Payne."

"From ONE DIRECTION!" One of the fan girls shouted.
"Yes from one direction. Please give him respect and not to be annoying him." Mr. Peterson said sternly.

I started walking to the secret door, and there was Liam. Reading a pocket book of ' The Faults In Our Stars'. "Hey. Warning, a couple fan girls are in the class."

" That's fine" He said smiling.

"Ready?" I asked

"As I'll ever be." He chuckled.

We started back into the classroom. Well Liam. Welcome back to School.


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