Teenage Criminals

'If I told you would you take it the wrong way?'
His hot breath hit the side of my face making me flush.
'I will take it anyway you want.'
I whisper slowly into his ears. Closing my eyes. I fell him wrapped his arms around me tight.
This was a mistake. He was a mistake. I should've let him close to me. I was only ever going to corrupt him.
See I am not like all the other girls. I am dangerous. I don't take shit from anyone.
I am a trained fighter. I am the "Bad-Girl" in school. But I don't see it that way.
I see it as I am one of the few girls who can stand up for herself. Who never makes mistakes.
But I did make a mistake and that is falling in love with a good boy named Harry Styles

(Non-famous One Direction fanfic)


14. Chapter Thirteen

      I was going to ask Mrs.Mable if I could have the rest of the day off.  Harry was waiting for me in my car. I don't think I would be able to finish the work day and not break down. My eyes were red and puffy. I walked into the diner and immediately spot Mrs.Mable. She was in the corner talking with Maria. Gossip whores they are. 

    They saw me approaching them and quieted down.  I walked up to them and it was obvious they noticed my puffy eyes. Though they made no move to comfort me or even ask if I was okay. I assume that they were probably talking about me and Harry. 

"Um,  I was wondering if I could take the rest of the day off?" I asked Mrs. Mable. 

"Yeah, sure hun." She quickly responded. I shot her a small smile before walking to the break room to retrieve my work bag.  I walked back to my car. I got into the car setting my bag in the back seat before looking at Harry. He smiled weakly at me.

      I pulled out of the parking lot not really knowing where I was going.  I didn't want to go to mine or Harry's houses' just yet. I ended up driving to a deserted park. We both remained quiet I reached for my work bag. I dug around it until I found some short and tank top I kept in there just in case. I looked around to see if there was a bathroom I could change in.  Unfortunately they don't have one.  I climb into the backseat making Harry give me a strange look.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"Changing duh. What does it look like I am doing? Now turn around." I said half sarcastic half strict. 

"But why can't I look? It is not like I haven't seen you in less." He whined.

"Harry," I warned him. Making him quite  down.

     When I finished changing I looked at Harry who had a sly smirk on his face. I looked over at what he was looking at and realized that he was watching me through the rearview mirror.  Which earned him a punch on the shoulder.

"Ow that hurt," He said in a hurt voice while rubbing his shoulder. "You are strangely strong."  

"I better be." I said climbing back into the front seat. " I do take jujitsu."

"You do? How come I didn't know about this?" He asked confused

"Well, you never asked."  I told him.

"I just realized we barely know each other." He told me. I thought about it for a couple of minutes and realized he was right. 

"Your right." I spoke in a quiet tone. We sat there in silence for a few moments before Harry broke the silence. 

" Lets get to know each other. Tell each other every secret  we have. No matter how bad or dirty."  He proposed. I slowly shook my head.

"You do realize this might ignite something explosive."  I warned him.

"Yeah I know but I think we can handle it. "  He said sweetly. 

"Okay, but can we do it outside. It is way too hot in here and I need some fresh air."  I told him opening my car door. He followed my lead. I tossed him my keys not having  pockets big enough to put them in . Harry walked over to me and grabbed my hand. "So, do you want to start." 

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