Teenage Criminals

'If I told you would you take it the wrong way?'
His hot breath hit the side of my face making me flush.
'I will take it anyway you want.'
I whisper slowly into his ears. Closing my eyes. I fell him wrapped his arms around me tight.
This was a mistake. He was a mistake. I should've let him close to me. I was only ever going to corrupt him.
See I am not like all the other girls. I am dangerous. I don't take shit from anyone.
I am a trained fighter. I am the "Bad-Girl" in school. But I don't see it that way.
I see it as I am one of the few girls who can stand up for herself. Who never makes mistakes.
But I did make a mistake and that is falling in love with a good boy named Harry Styles

(Non-famous One Direction fanfic)


2. Chapter One

          I walked into the lunchroom and everything went quite. I looked around until I spotted a unoccupied table. I threw my bag onto the table and sat down. Soon everything went back to normal. Or as normal as you could get an a high school. I took out my phone and started to text a couple of my friends. 

      Most of my friend don't go to school or they are in college. I don't like the kids who go to high school here. They are ether one of five things nerds, rich bitches , snitches, dumb jokes, or just plain boring. 

      The only reason I came to school is because I actually want  future. I miss most of my class and if I don't miss them I am late. But I have straight A's in all of my class. That is the only reason they haven't kicked me out yet. 

       See I am not a nerd. I don't take notes in class. I don't study for test. And I certainly don't cheat. I know everything they apparently 'teach us' because when I was younger I was in this gifted program at a boarding school. They taught us everything that we would normally learn when we were Juniors and Seniors in high school.

        My step-mother made me go to that school after a test showed I was extremely gifted.  After two years at that hell hole. I started acting out. They said it was normal for teens and adults "like me" to act out. 

   See most people only use 48-52% of their brain. I was 'lucky'  to be able to use over 71% of mine. 

After a while they got annoyed with my disturbances and kicked me out.  They said that they were sorry and it was going to me a tremendous loss on the school to lose someone of my level of intelligence . But they couldn't let me disturb the other students.  

I was brought out of my thought when someone tapped on my shoulder.I groaned in annoyance. I turned around and saw a guy standing there. He was tall and had curly hair. He wore thick black rimmed glasses.  He looked timid. Like he was scared I was going to yell at him.

"What?" I asked him. I raised my eyebrow and waited for him to respond.

"Can I sit I need to talk to you about something." His voice was deep. I was surprised to hear a British accent roll of his tongue. I never knew there was an English boy here.

"I don't know can you?" I sarcastically replied to him. He worked his way around the round table. He slowly set his book bag down. I could tell he was hesitant about sitting down. Like he was having second thoughts about talking to me.  

"I was wondering if you would help me with something." He stated the moment he sat down. I looked at him encouraging to continue "I don't want to be a nerd anymore. I hate getting picked on by the jocks and laughed at by  everyone else. I want to be like you. I don't want to be fucked with. I want respect and I want you to help me." I wanted to laugh in his face.  

"Are you kidding? And what makes you think I would help you?" I asked him.

"I am serious and I will do anything for your help." He pleaded with me. His tone was hard and serious. This kid might be useful.

"Fine, but you better do everything I say." I agree.

I told him to met me at my place after school. After he left I realized I never asked him for his name.  I realized then that this was going to be a lot harder than I thought.




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