The V.I.P Tickets

Kylie and her best friend Haylee have been friends for over 13 years now (there 17 btw) and they love one direction , Haylee loves:Liam,Louis,and Zayn and Kylie loves :Harry, Niall, and Liam. And thats the problem they both love Liam. Later on they see ad on T.V for V.I.P tickets to go One Direction. The ad said "Lookin for 2 girls who love 1D , the first 2 people to call this number below wins V.I.P tickets to go see 1D. In the end will Kylie and Haylee's friendship continue or will it end completely? What boys stay with what girls?



5. We're Sharing what?!?



                                                                   Niall's P.O.V



Kylie acted different then expected I thought she would have spazzed but no. I'm afraid something bad might happen. I'm not to sure what I'm worried about. Later that night Simon came to visit and he stayed for dinner. Before dinner I thought I should introduce Simon to the girls. "Simon this is Kylie and Haylee there the two girls who won the contest". Simon looked at the girls and smiled." Hi girls I'm Simon it's a pleasure to meet you both" he said while smiling."Hi I'm Kylie it's nice to meet you this is my bestfriend Haylee." Kylie said whole pointing out Haylee. " Hi I'm Haylee" said Haylee while putting out her hand.





                                                            Haylees P.O.V


Niall introduced me and Kylie to Simon before dinner. An hour later we had dinner it was an amazing dinner to I felt like I was at a fancy buffet. There was turkey , ham , chicken , pork , beef stew salads vegetables wine etc... After dinner we all left the dinning room and went to the living room and watched some football (Soccer) while desert was being fixed. "So where are you girls from?" Simon asked me and Haylee. "Canada" we both said together then laughed. 




                                                      Harry's P.O.V

I noticed that Kylie and Haylee looked really nice tonight. I think I'm starting to get some feeling so Kylie it's just something about her that I can't put my finger on it. Maybe it's her smile or her personality. Maybes it's the way she walks. But the only problem is that I think Niall likes her to I have to be the first one to get her heart but how? I know ill right her a song!!! I think Louis likes Haylee . That's probably why he always talks about her and  saying tht she has beautiful Green eyes . I think she likes him a lot to. There's always laughing together and smiling at each other maybe there secretly dating....

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