Falling Tomorrow

Leandra is 16. She has light blonde hair, blue eyes, and stands at 5'2. None of this stops her from becoming one of the World's most dangerous. Her father is the head of a major intelligence company that investigates serious crimes throughout the world. When they hire a new agent, Seth, she's torn between him and her job. Will Leandra's feelings for him interfere with her life?


2. The World Below

Dave and I chatted as we flew over the states. Florida to New York, it was quite a ways, really. Somehow it calmed me to watch all of the small houses and cars below. It reminded me that I was real. Even though I was Leandra Ashwood, daughter of Macon Ashwood, a sixteen year old spy and special agent, I was still human, still a part of this world. Sometimes it didn't really seem like that. Most sixteen year olds would be sneaking out with their boyfriend or going to the mall with their friends. Instead, I sit in a private, sleek, glossy black jet on my way to murder one of the FBI's Most Wanted. 

"You okay, there?" Dave asked.

I cleared my throat. "Peachy." I told him. Dave switched the plane to autopilot, then pushed his headphones down around his neck. He turned in his seat to face me.

"Leandra, if you're having any doubts..." He began.

"None." I stopped him mid sentence. Once I'd agreed to this mission, I was bound to it. If I dropped this mission, I could loose rank. It was one thing for a woman to be this high in the agency, but a petite teenage girl was an entire different story. 

"Don't be afraid to back down and say no. It's okay." 

"I'm not backing down, Dave. I was just spacing out a bit." I replied firmly. He nodded, he'd gotten the message. With one movement he slipped the headphones back and flipped off autopilot leaving me to be lost in thought while watching Virginia below. More than anything else, I'd wanted to sleep. There was no way I could, though. Within a few hours I would be inside the Atherton's house, if Alexander didn't shoot me down first. I must've fallen asleep, somehow, because after what seemed like minutes later, Dave was shaking me gently.

"Leandra, we're landing soon. We've crossed the border, and they'll be at the plane the second we land. Yes, this is Flight 893 descending into Niagra District Airport." He spoke into his headset in a very official voice. He jumbled on, switching to French momentarily. Slowly, the airport came into view. Men in dark navy suits with gold accents stood all around, watching our decent. The second we landed, a man came up on a lift.

"Passports?" He asked. Dave handed our forged passports over. With our real names on them, we wouldn't stand a chance. We'd have to wait hours through security.

"Well, Miss Scarlett and Mr. Dickson, you're okay once you get the plane off the runway." The man informed us. After he returned to the ground, Dave drove the plane where the men with glow sticks were directing us. Huh, plane parking. It looked a bit funny. I popped open the door and jumped down onto the wing, strutting down and hopping off when I was far enough down. So, this was Canada.  

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