Falling Tomorrow

Leandra is 16. She has light blonde hair, blue eyes, and stands at 5'2. None of this stops her from becoming one of the World's most dangerous. Her father is the head of a major intelligence company that investigates serious crimes throughout the world. When they hire a new agent, Seth, she's torn between him and her job. Will Leandra's feelings for him interfere with her life?


1. The Smoking Gun

Click. My gun was ready. I slipped it it down into the front of my dress with the safety still on. After scanning a wide variety, I selected a knife with a long, jagged blade. I lifted the hem of my black dress just enough for me to slip the dagger into its thigh sheath. Showtime. Before leaving my home, I glanced in the mirror. For someone who wasn't into fashion, I looked good. It was all part of the plan. The list of things things I was supposed to do reeled through my head. 

"Leandra, this could be the downfall of the Athertons. This is our chance. If they don't have their leaders, they won't know what to do." My dad told me. The Athertons ran a huge drug business located in Southern Canada near the border of New York.

They were notorious for killing anyone who they thought might talk. 120 people, that's how many lives they had taken in a year. The police are confused. Only logical, they're assuming that many mass murders have gotten together to take out a good number of people. Half of that is true. The Athertons have lots of illegal aliens cooking for them, killing for them. It just took someone to oversee and get the huge amount of cash. It wasn't a secret, Alexander and Jacob Atherton were very rich. Although they'd never spent a day in school in their lives, they were very clever. Somehow they'd tricked everyone into believing they'd come across an ungodly amount of cash through some old will. They'd even paid a lawyer 1M to go along with it an keep quiet about it. People they'd paid to act as "friends" in America so they had a reason to cross over almost daily, an entire network of people who knew about them. So deep, so very deep they were into this. One false footing and it'd all come crashing down on their heads. It's good then, that we'd found that footing. They didn't check extensively into who was buying. The money madness within them had driven them to sell to anyone. Without knowing, Alexander sold five pounds of marijuana to one of our undercover agents. He'd uncovered a lot. Their location, and the names of some of their cookers. It didn't take long. For a small amount of money, only 500 grand, he'd agreed to talk to us.

"Just think, Lea, you can bag him. It's just going to take a more than average amount of cooperation." He continued. 

"Oh, really?" I asked. I've got to admit, my level of interest in this decreased as he told me that. His cheeks reddened a bit, and he coughed uncomfortably. 

"Your role in this, is, uh, you're going to have to pretend to be a, well, you're going to have to pretend that you're there to be Alexander's prostitute." He spoke while his eyes bored down into his desk. I almost dropped the cup I was holding.

"Excuse me, but you want me to be his what?" I asked in horror. He couldn't be serious. It wasn't like Alexander was some disgusting fifty five year old man. He was far from it. He was in his early twenties, slender and tall with dark eyes. In a different life, I might have considered him attractive. Fine, in this life, I considered him attractive, but only slightly. 

"You won't actually do anything like that, we just want you to act like you will. Once you're there and he lets you in, we will be waiting. We need someone on the inside, we'll take care of everyone else, but you can have him."

Dad really knew me. I couldn't pass this up now, a chance at getting Alexander Atherton. The price on him could easily get me anything I'd wanted, not that I couldn't have it already. 

"Fine." I agreed. "But, I get dibs on Jacob, too." 

"Deal." Dad agreed. 

Get on the inside, I reminded myself as I reapplied a thick coat of red lipstick. Make sure your microphone is hidden, I thought as I strapped the five inch heels to my feet. Go into the bathroom to get ready, I continued as I plastered products over my skin to cover up my numerous scars. The first shot is our signal, I drilled into my brain while I fluffed my hair and took a step out the door. Don't miss, I warned as my heeled feet brought me up onto the jet's landing pad. 

"Leandra, haven't seen you in a while!" Exclaimed our pilot, Dave, as he saw me. 

"It's been a while." I confirmed.

"You don't seem a bit worried, that's the spirit. You ready to go sic some nasty drug lord?" 

"Ready as I'll ever be." 

Dave extended his hand which I didn't take, and I stepped up into the copilot's seat. Passenger seats never were for me, even if they were first class. I picked up the headphones resting on the dash and pulled them down over my ears. Dave pushed a few buttons and then began driving down the runway before we lifted into the sky. We flew towards the Athertons Mansion, toward my danger and toward my prize.

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