Natural Causes

There is only one family that runs the estate. The Dexters. They control what happens. Who sells what. They control the toms and their pimps.
There is no escape. Once you're on the estate that's it. You're trapped.
Everyone and everything is theirs. Their word is law. And if you don’t obey. If you rebel. You'll die... of natural causes.


3. Bronagh

Bronagh Dexter stood at the end of the street, smirking as she saw a black BMW slowly drive by. She stepped towards the car, flipping her blonde hair over her shoulder. Bronagh knew she looked good, with her pretty face and alluring body dressed in a tight fitting, short, silver dress. It was bound to bring the punters in. The car stopped and the tinted window was rolled down.

“Looking for me babe?” she smiled and then laughed. The sultry sound was well practised. Her eyes fell on a man with shoulder length black hair and a chiselled jaw. His handsome bone structure drew her in but the thing that brought her in closer were his warm brown eyes. That was odd. Most of the people that she drew in led cruel, twisted lives that had no room for warmth. It made her want him that much more. He wouldn't be like that though; kind and sweet and warm. They never were. She'd be lucky if he didn't knock her about. And besides he probably chased women like a dog after a bitch on heat. It wouldn't mean anything to him or to her for that matter. It was just business.

“You'll do.” The man's eyes darkened and she slowly felt a chill run up her spine when he spoke.

There was no warmth here.

She clambered into the car and tried not to flinch as the man's hand crept slowly up her leg.

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