never in your wildest dreams

Alexa and Louis mix up phones by accident, and meet up a second time to get there phones beck when Alexa is asked on a date and Louis doesn't show up what happens between them?


4. not a happy day



when  I got home I started getting ready it may be like 5 hours till I go but I am so nervous!! any way I put on casual bbut nice clothes since we where just going for tea, at around 6:40 I got my purse and everything together not that he would come this early or anything but I was nervous and I wanted everything to go right. at around 6:50 I sat at the steps by  my door waiting, in my ind it didn't seem as desperate as it sounds. at 7:00 I waited to hear a knock at the door, but nothing but pure silence filled the house. I was confused he did say 7 right? I waited at the steps till 7:30 by that time I figured he wasn't coming. with some hope left I waited around in my kitchen wondering what I would say if he did come. your late? but I couldn't be that rude, I also couldn't just ignore the subject.


a few minutes later I heard a knock at the door expecting it to be Louis I grabbed my purse and jacket and went to the door but it wasn't, it was my neighbor millie. Um sorry its so late at night but I was wondering if you could tell me where the pancake house is? Yeah I said almost in tears, you drive down the road and make a left. I closed the door and ran up to my room crying I cant belive he didn't show up.


sorry I was thinking of saving this for a long chapter but I wanted to publish it because I like the cliff hanger, by the way the contest ends august 17th so yeah... talk to you next chappie -Emily please like comment and favorite, thanks !!!1

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