never in your wildest dreams

Alexa and Louis mix up phones by accident, and meet up a second time to get there phones beck when Alexa is asked on a date and Louis doesn't show up what happens between them?


7. forgive?

omg I asked for 3 and within 10 minutes I had 5 I thought it would take days!!!


Louis's point of view


As quickly as I could I got dressed and ran out the door, I needed to talk to her

I drove down the road way over the speed limit but luckily I didn't get pulled over. As soon as I got to her house I knocked on the door. I was so happy when she opened it.


Alexas point of view


The last person I wanted to see was staring at me. As quickly as I could I slammed the door I heard him repeating my name and telling me to open up but I wanted to show him that I was strong I didn't want to break down crying. so I waited there until everything was silent. I opened the door to see if he was still there. The minute that I opened it I felt a force push throught the crack into my house.


Louis's point of vew


 look Alexa I am really sorry I was doing things with the boys and lost track of time." I don't want to hear it" Alexa said obviously furious with me. Just get out of my house!!!! Tears started running down her face soon she turned around and ran through the already opened door and shut it loudly behind her.


sorry for the EXTREMLY short chapter but I need to do other things than stay on my laptop all day lol so this next challenge will be harder 2 more enteries in my contest and 2 more likes ha lets see you blow through that in ten minutes!!!

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