never in your wildest dreams

Alexa and Louis mix up phones by accident, and meet up a second time to get there phones beck when Alexa is asked on a date and Louis doesn't show up what happens between them?


2. date?

SORRY I haven’t updated in soooooooooo long…. I lost internet connection… and yeah so lots of you have been asking for an update, if there is any typing errors I am sorry im doing this quickly…


Alexas point of view


Yes I mean not yes that I would mind but yes that I wouldn’t mind… I started babbling off. Any way here is my number. See you round? Yea maybe tonight we could go for tea or something like that He replied Yes I would love to I quickly said back he barely finished his sentence. As I was walking away I heard him  yell pick you up at 7 then. He was so I don’t know Amazing?


Louis point of view


Okay, I may sound like a girl but I was totally freaking out, what if she didn’t like me ?-oh I don’t know… I will be filled with panic for the rest of the day now!!



Okay I know this is really short but I have writers block at the moment but if you want to be in the story leave your name and your favorite 1D boy and maybe you will be chosen!!

I promise promise promise I will update soon PROMISE please don’t stop reading

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