Once upon a song

Skyler-rose Hayward is a model from Texas and her and her best friend Kayla travel to london for a month for some photo shoots what will happen while there up there?


2. a normal morning at the Haywards


   "Skyler-rose get your butt down here now"my mom yelled "comming"i yelled.I walked down stairs and into the kitchen where my mom was cooking "ive been calling out to you for the last ten minutes"my mom said"sorry i dident hear you"i said"its ok"she said."GET BACK HERE COLBY"my eleven year old brother Brady said "MAKE ME" my eleven year old brother Colby said.Colby and Brady are my brothers and they are twins they both have jet black hair and hazel eyes."Whats going on up there"i yelled"Nothing"Colby yelled"ya there is he stole my phone"Brady yelled

  I ran up stairs into my brothers room"drop it"Brady yelled while chasing after Colby"make me slow poke"Colby yelled"GIVE IT BACK NOW"i yelled"Fine"Colby said i walked down stairs and said to my mom"This is just a normal morning at the Haywards"

  I hope you like so far and im begging you now please please dont give me hate on this book ok please it really makes me feel horribal anyway bye bye my little duckies please like and faviroute 

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