Still Into You

Alyssa and Louis knew each other since kindergarden. But Louis goes of to audition on the x factor. When he comes back to his home town in 2013, will he be the same? Will he still remember Alyssa?


2. Im home ~ 2013 ~

(Alyssas POV) Today Louis was coming home. He was very succesfull in a band. I waited for Louis to get off the plane. I was with his mum and my mum. Then I saw Louis get off the plane. I ran up and hugged him. "uh... hello" He said confused. "Louis I missed you so much!" I yelled excitedly.


(Louis POV) I got off the plane. I saw my mum and 2 other people. A girl who looked my age came running up to me and hugged me. "Uh... hello" I said. I had no idea who this girl was. We all got into the car. I found out her name was Alyssa. They asked me all about me being in a band. When Alyssa and her mom left, I went over to my mum. "um... who was that?" I asked her. she looked at me confused. "Uh... remember Alyssa? Your best friend?" She said. I remembered having a friend back here who was a girl." Oh yea...." *ding* "ill get the door mum." I said. I opened the door. 4 boys were standing there. "Vas happenen Louis" A familiar british accent said.

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