Maids for One Direction

“Um my name is Leah and me and my friend saw your ad in the paper stating that you need maids so we wanted to know if the job was still available?” Leah asked
“Um Yes it’s more than available,” Simon said with relief in his voice
Bethany and Leah are really close friends who came to and colledge in Britain and end up being maids for the biggest boy band in the world!!!


9. Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Bethany and Leah went to the lounge and Bethany grabbed Leah’s duster and started to dust the T.V and she had the intention to put the t.v on. She put the T.V on and turned on full blast causing Liam and Danielle to look up from their making out session which caused Leah to laugh.

“What you laughing at?” Danielle asked

“Nothing some dust tickled my nose,” Leah lied

“Oh carry on with your work you are maids after all,” Danielle said as Leah and Beth faked smiled at her.

“The broom take the broom,” Leah mouthed Leah causing Beth to smirk

“Please move your legs,” Beth interrupted trying not to laugh. When they ignored her she swept their legs one time hurting Danielle.

“HEY,” Danielle screamed “You bloody hurt me,” she said

“I said move your legs after all I am cleaning and I am a maid,” Beth said causing Liam to laugh

“Liamy she hurt me,” Danielle said trying to make Liam feel bad

“She told you to move your leg,” Liam said

“I understand,” Danielle said as she gave Beth a dirty look and starting sucking all over Liam’s face.

“I shall go back to my cleaning now,” Beth said as Leah gave her a duster and smirked

“When you see my face hope it give you hell hope it give you hell,” Bethany and Leah screamed and sang as Bethany dusted the couch in which they were sitting.

“Ah choo,” Danielle sneezed as Beth dusted her face

“What the hell are you doing?” Danielle asked

“Cleaning duh,” Beth said as she dusted Liam’s head causing him to laugh

“That’s going on twitter,” Leah said as she snapped a pic of Beth dusting Liam

“Maid go back to work,” Danielle growled as Leah went into the kitchen

“I don’t mind,” Beth said as she carried on to dust their heads

“Liam baby let’s go to your room,” Danielle whined

“Liam can I go and clean your room now since it’s not occupied?” Leah asked innocently

“Yeah I guess,” Liam said with a smile

“Hmmp I think I am going home,” Danielle said as she got off Liam

As Leah was walking towards the stairs she saw Harry walked downstairs laughing and Leah turned around on her heel and walked into the kitchen only to find that the boys were laughing at what they were doing.
“I thought you were supposed  to be cleaning Liam’s room Leah?” Louis asked

“Sweety I cleaned it a loooonng time ago,” Leah said laughing as Beth came and  high-fived Leah

“I told you they finished clean it,” Zayn told Louis

“Thanks for getting rid of her,” Niall said high-fiving Leah and Beth

“It’s mah honour it’s mah honour.” Beth said

“You welcome Nialler,” Leah said smiling

“You were right when you said you are the world’s biggest prankster,” Harry said as he gave Leah a smile and Leah just glared at him the ignored him

“Baby where’s my water,” Taylor said...Taylor Swift was the girl who was fucken making out with Harry.

“We left it outside,” Zayn said pointing to window

“Hy thanks,” Taylor said with a smile

“Cough blonde cough,” Beth said causing everyone to laugh

“Yeah Harry sure does know how to pick em,” Leah whispered so just the boys and Beth can hear (Not Harry) causing everyone to giggle

“Bella now Taylor,” Leah said causing them to laugh this time

“What you laughing at?” Harry asked narrowing his eyes at Leah and she just glared at him

“Nothing that concerns you,” Leah said icily

“Yeah Taylor you should go and get your water Beth will show you the door,” Leah said

“Kay see you just now,” Taylor said

“Oh no you won’t,” Liam mumbled

“This way madam,” Beth said smiling fakely

When Taylor was out the door Beth slammed the door shut and screamed “Sucker”

“Hey what did you do that for,” Harry questioned

Leah went up to his face “She was interrupting my cleaning I was gonna clean your room and you guys were doing ‘stuff so I couldn’t so how do you expect me to get paid I am your maid right quoting from last night,” Leah said through her teeth and poked Harry in the chest

“Leah don’t forget the deal we made,” Zayn whispered in Leah’s ear

“Hmmp,” Leah said and walked to the door

“Can we have our glass back please?” Leah screamed causing everyone to laugh besides Harry who was still shocked with what Leah said

“Looks like we found out who she’s gonna write her next song for,” Leah said with a fake smile

“Hey you right,” Beth said laughing

“Thanks for the food Beth,Leah,” Niall said as he started unpacking the bag

“You remember to buy carrots,” Louis exclaimed

“How can we forget,” Beth said smiling

“Thanks for the Milky Way Crispy Rolls,” Harry said and since Leah never answer Beth did

“You are very welcome,” Beth said as she nudged Leah

“What,” Leah asked

“You could have said welcome,” Beth said for only her to hear

“I don’t want to,” Leah said so that everyone could hear just then “I want you back by Cher Lloyd,” started playing on her phone she gulped as she answered it

“Oh hey Brandon,” Leah said as she walked upstairs

“How you doing babe,” He answered and by that time she was already upstairs

“Look here dude don’t you ever fucken call me again,” She shouted

“Then why did you call me last night don’t act like you don’t want me?” He replied

“It was a dare you ass,” Leah screamed

“They must be having a romantic convo,” Beth said looking at Harry

“Really?” Liam asked but Beth ignored him

“He must be telling her how much he loves her and other romantic mushy stuff,” Beth said as she saw she was annoying Harry

“I know him and he loves her to bits this one time they were making out at the mall it was so sweet,” Beth said inching closer to Harry and that did it.

Harry threw the banana he was eating and walked to the lounge and put the t.v on

“Anger management brother,” Beth said

“Yeah I dunno what’s up with him these days,” Louis said sadly

“PMS,” Beth screamed and clamped her hands over her mouth

“I heard that,” Harry screamed from the lounge causing everyone to laugh and when Liam laughed Beth gave him a dirty look.

“I HATE YOU DON’T CALL ME,” Leah screamed at Brandon and hit the wall

“Ouch,” Leah groaned

When Harry heard Leah’s scream and the thump he ran up the stairs

“I can’t call you but I can come see you,” Brandon said and hung up leaving Leah shocked

“What happened,” Harry asked

“Nothing,” Leah said icily as she tried to walk past him but he grabbed her arm

“Let go of me,” Leah said through her teeth

“Not until you tell me what happened,” Harry said softly

“Fine I moved my hand and I mistakenly hit the wall you happy now,” Leah said

“Are you okay?” He said taking her hand which was now red

“I am fine,” Leah said as she jerked her hand of his even though she enjoyed the feeling of his hand on hers

“You okay?” Niall asked when Leah came down and saw Harry walking sadly back to the lounge

“I am fine,” Leah said smiling lightly

“But I could be better,” Leah said

“What do you need,” Liam asked

“Duh isn’t it obvious....FOOD,” Leah said

“YAY,” Niall shouted as Beth took out food from the cupboard

“Leah help me the stove is hot,” Beth screeched

“Oh God,” Leah said as she went and helped Beth

“What I never cooked before there’s a first time for everything you know,” Beth said

“I am gonna post this on twitter,” Niall said as he snapped a picture of the food on the stove

                                   (P.S. NIALL POSTED THESE ON TWITTER)


“Smells good,” Louis said as they Beth set the table

“Yes chef Beth,” Beth said as she did a victory dance

“But I can see Leah cooking,” harry mumbled

“Leave her alone Beth this is your food and it’s good,” Leah said glaring at Harry

“It’s done boys sit down and enjoy,” Leah said as she served the food

“I am also posting this on Twitter,” Niall said as he snapped another picture



Everyone was eating and talking about weird random stuff

“So did you ever fall off a rollercoaster,” Louis asked Leah and Beth looked at him ‘like what’ and the boys agreed, These people are getting weirder by the second

“Of course not,” Beth said

“Nope,” Leah said rolling her eyes

“Gosh tomorrow we have to go to university,” Beth groaned

“I know we should go and get our outfits ready,” Leah replied

“Yeah we also busy tomorrow,” Liam said

“What time will you be back?” Niall asked

“Around 3pm,” Leah replied

“Cool we too,” Zayn said

“We gonna go and get ready to sleep,” Leah said pulling Beth and walking up the stairs

“I can’t believe Liam is back with her,” Beth mumbled

“It’ll be fine,” Leah replied

“What about blondie?” Beth asked

“Nothing not like he likes me or somethin’,” Leah replied

“Are you kidding me he is head over heels for you,”  Beth said

“Yeah right the dude hates m....uh let’s just get ready,” Leah said as she opened her closet to get out her uniform

“See you night,” Beth said as she went to her room.

“Night don’t dream bout Liam now,” Leah joked

“Oh I wanna alright I wanna kill Danielle infront of him,” Beth said evilly

“Lol Night,” Leah said and went to shower.

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