Lanna Park is Adrian Melbourne's life. Now that she is gone, how will Adrian face everything considering that Lanna is his only way in living? How is Adrian face when one day a so called reincarnation of Lanna Park arrives as Kelsea Park? Face it.



        A moment ago I was dying to open the notebook but now I am reluctant to do so. 

        Gathering every ounce of courage, I took the journal and touched every corner thinking that she once touch every bit of this. 

        Once I started opening the pages, I was caught off guard. The pages were designed with red sprinkles, but they weren't just red, they smell as well. In the wrinkled pages of the book were filled with red fluid that must have been dried in time. My fingers allow me to trace the edges as my tears fell and met the dried up blood of the girl I love. It says: 

       Dear Diary,

                Call me weak, but I'm pretty sure that I can take care of these all if only Adrian didn't leave. I missed him badly. He's the only one who can make me feel better and where is he? He's not even around. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant take this anymore. My boyfriend Carl is going out with another girl. I hope Adrian will tell me he loves me and that he'll be there for me but then I just saw him going out with a girl. What else can I do when we are only bestfriends? I couldn't risk our friendship, better friends than break that. I cant live with that. Mary has been going out with my boyfriend and my bestfriend has been going out with another girl and I am all ALONE. I feel so desperate that ...........

        She was wrong! I loved her with all I have, and my only fault is that..... my only fault is that I didn't admit I loved her. I made her think we're until friends. I'm so weak. I should've been beside her. Crap! If only I didn't let jealousy drown me. 

       I turned to another page. 

       ..............  my friends left me and chose Mary over me. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. PLEASE.. They already called every bad thing in me......... 

      My body starts shaking and couldn't digest the events turning.  A razor is pasted on the paper with a text saying "Bought one and tried. HURTTTT" pointed to the razor. On the next pages I can see images she must have pictured and printed. It was a hand with blood draining from a straight cut. Gross. 

     I closed my eyes as my body continued shaking, still refusing to administer the facts. 

     My Adrian

     I promptly opened my eyes and scanned the room. No one but it sounder like her. Oh God, I missed her. So much. 

     I am hallucinating and already prepared for these until many years. 



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