I'll Change My Mind...

Once in a lifetime means there's no second chance, but what if there was a second chance? My name's Alyssa Carter. I'm just a regular sixteen year old who goes to school and studies and is a good girl. But mostly I am known as the crazy and biggest directioner of the school. Don' t get me wrong I absolutely love to be a directioner but sometimes people see no more than me as a girl who is in love with 5 boys she'll never meet. But when I met this 5 guys my whole life turned around, I don't know if it was for good or it was for bad. And when teenage heartthrob Harry Styles breaks my heart and is begging me on his knees for a second chance...I'll change my mind.


1. Surprise


Alyssa's P.O.V.



*Baby you light up my world like nobody else the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed but when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell, you don't know oh oh you don't know you're beautiful, oh oh that's what makes you beautiful* 


I woke up to my alarm signaling it was time to wake up to got to school. Guessing by my alarm you can say I am a directioner and a really big one. The first time I heard "What Makes You Beautiful" I became a fan of their music which is amazing to be honest but when I saw their video diaries I fell head over heels for those 5 boys and became a directioner. All of my friends are directioners too so I don't have to fangirl alone. According to my best friend Elena I could possibly turn anyone in this planet a directioner.


I always dream that one day I'll be able to see them and tell them "hello my name's Alyssa and I love guys soo much thank you for saving my life, you're so hot, marry me, blah blah blah". Right now my hopes are literally all over the floor since I didn't get any tickets to see them here in Houston. Not even in the very very very back of the arena. That's how popular they are and people dare to say they have no fans PLEASE.TELL.ME.MORE. I  have always loved all the boys equally but I have a soft spot for Harry. I know you must be thinking I'm a directionator because I like Harry who is the most popular of all but seriously I'm not. I just find him incredible attractive and funny and cute and all the possible good adjectives in this whole planet to describe this man. Oh how i wish i could get tickets and see them in...

Suddenly my mom barged into the room interrupting my thoughts "Alyssa start getting ready for school or you're gonna be late" my mom, Sarah, said.

"I know mother" I grumpily replied.

"Get dressed quickly because breakfast is ready and served" mom said. 


I lazily got up from my bed and went to my closet to pick a nice outfit. There's a guy at my school named Tyler whose really really hot. I have been liking him for 6 years and me as a forever alone have never talked to him. I bet Louis's butt that he doesn't even know I exist I mean c'mon he is super popular, really hot, 2 years older than me and really smart. Every girl in the school is madly in love with Tyler but just like any other guy in high school he only had eyes for the popular girls. 


One day one of the most popular girls in school named Valerie who is really good friends with Tyler  decided to help me gain his attention. I don't usually trust popular girls like Valerie but since she has oddly been acted really nice to me and looked sincere, I agreed. Since that day I started dressing nicer to school, arranging my hair cuter and practicing my flirting which was a disappointment. I literally can do ANYTHING but flirt. I flirt like Zac in Zac and Cody to Maddie. Never works I just embarrass myself. 


Well back to my point I dress nicer to impress Tyler. I could have said it in one sentence but you wouldn't have gotten the whole point.


I putted a short flower dress which accentuated my curves nicely and reached just above my knees so I wouldn't look too slutty and that I was trying too hard, with a denim vest and a scarf. I added some white converse to remind me of my impossible love, Harry Styles, and light makeup. When I finished I looked in the mirror and saw that I was pretty decent. I grabbed my backpack and headed downstairs for breakfast.


As I went down the stairs I smelled blueberry pancakes with bacon. Yum my favorite! I looked around for my mom but she wasn't in sight. "Mom!" i shouted. No answer. "Mom you still here?" No answer. As I reached the table and I saw she left a note saying she had to leave because of an emergency at work or something like that. Well I guess I'll be eating alone then.


Just as I finished my breakfast I heard someone honk just outside my door meaning my best friend was here to give me a ride. Why was she so early? Anyways I finished in time, grabbed my backpack and headed outside to her white Beetle. 


"Hey Ele!" I said.

"Hey Alyssa get in quickly" Elena said.

"Woah woah why in such a hurry, we're on time in fact you picked me up 10 earlier!" I stated. 

"Leah told me to arrive earlier because se has a big surpise for you, Hailey and me!! Involving 1D!!" Elena happily said as she started the engine.

"Really?! The let's get moving, c'mon MOVE MOVE MOVE!" I said as I hurried Elena.

The car ride seemed eternal both Elena and I were anxious to know what suprise Leah had. Leah is a rich girl her parents own the Forever 21 stores globally and as you might guess she dresses amazing. So to hear that she had a surprise for us involving 1D was like I just became part of the Royal Family or that I became the godmother of Kate's baby. 


"Alyssa what if Leah got us to meet One Direction?!"

"I WILL DIE no doubt about and even if she didn't have got us to meet them, tickets to the concert would make me die as well"

"Imagine we arrive to school and the only thing she got us was a their dolls"

"Hey! I will really appreciate a Harry doll!"

"Yeah so you can kiss it all night long" Elena said making kissing noises.

"Elena, the doll is too precious to have it kissed!!" I said offended

"You sure are lost on One Directionlandia"

"Like you aren't"

"Yeah thanks to you but I REGRET NOTHING" she said raising her arms releasing the wheel from her hands and i quickly grabbed it.

"If you keep regretting nothing we will never make it alive to school to know the suprise!"

"I beg your pardon miss" Elena said imitating a British accent and I scoffed.


We arrived to school ten minutes before class will start and we immediately  spotted Leah with Hailey. Elena and I ran to them like Niall when he sees food. 


"YES PLEASE CAN YOU TELL US NOW I HAVE WAITED WHOLE 5 MINUTES FOR THEM BECAUSE YOU WANTED TO TELL WHEN WE WERE TOGETHER SO START TALKING!" Hailey yelled as well even more anxious than me. Well she has a point, Hailey is never patient and if she had to wait 5 minutes for some One Direction surprise it seemed like a billion years of wait for her.


"Okay here it goes, the One Direction surprise I got you is...



A/N: Okay guys this is the first chapter for my fan fic "I'll Change My Mind...".  Hope you guys like I putted a looot of effort into this. :) and if you have any question just ask me or anything! Thank you guys sooo much if you like or favorite this movella, it will mean the world to me!! 

Well that's all for now hope you guys like the story and I will be updating soon!  

Love, Alexa XX

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