The Way I Met One Direction!! Me and my Best Friends went to London, UK to spend a week at the beach, having fun all over the place, and mostly Meeting One Direction... The beach was fun since I loved swimming... Until I ALMOST drowned........


15. Triple Date

-Next Day-

Sarah P.O.V.

Today we are having a Triple date. Louis, Me and Niall, Merna and Harry, Febronia. Right now me and the girls are getting ready. The date is in an hour but we needed to look perfect and we have news to give them. It's not so good. I got dressed in a black shirt with a skirt that is gold with dots, straight lines, and zig zags as zig zags, black high heels, white and gold bracelets an owl necklace and a white purse that has my phone and some lip gloss in case I need to re gloss...



Merna wore a white mid thigh dress, pink blazer that is folded at the arms and white at the fold, a pink infinity bracelet, some black glasses, and a black purse and black sandals...



Febronia wore a black tank top,  a skirt with Zig Zags, dots, and strips, black high heels, a pinkish purse, a pink necklace, and a blue infinity bracelet...



We walked downstairs after we put on our light make up and lip gloss. We don't put that much make up on we put on eye shadow, concealer, and lip gloss.  Our usual.

"So you- wow" Harry said as he was checking us out mostly Febronia.

"Wha" she said while blushing.

"You girls look AMAZING" Louis said and held my hand. Niall and Harry did the same to 'their girls'. Well not for long.

"So you ready to go" Niall asked as he grabbed the keys and threw them to Louis.

"Yea" we all said.

"Lets go" Louis said and we all walked out. The whole car ride we were talking to our lovers.

Febronia P.O.V.

We arrived at this fancy restaurant. It looked expensive and we don't want to take to much money from them.

"Reservations for Styles, Tomlinson, and Horan" Louis said as soon as we entered the restaurant. When they were getting to our seats Harry escorted me to the table and I got my phone out and texted the girl.

To: Merna, Sarah From: Febronia

Don't order anything expensive! Ok?

From: Merna, Sarah To: Febronia

Alright! Now shut it so I can focus on my boy!

To: Merna, Sarah From: Febronia

Ok me too! And btw you didn't have to be so mean LOL bye! Xx.



"Hey who ya texting?" Harry whispered in my ear.

"No one trust me ok?" I whispered but not to his ear I was staring him right in the eye and he mouthed an 'ok I trust you babe'. I just smiled at him and then the waiter came to us and we ordered.

"Salad" I said to the guy who was standing infront of me.

"Us too" Sarah said pointing to her and Merna.

"Why" Niall asked.

"Uhhh.." There was an awkward silence. It was even more awkward cos the waiter was still here. Then I thought of something. "Trying to keep our figure" I lied hoping he would believe it.

"Ok but if you need anything else tell us and we will order it for you" Louis said. I let out a sigh of relief.

"Thanks" I said and with that the waiter left us. Me and Harry were talking and so was Niall, Merna and Louis, Sarah. After a couple minutes our order came and we all ate.

-Skip Dinner and car ride-

"Hey boys can we talk to you" I said and held on Harry's hand my arm around it like I was cold which I was. And it looked like I was dragging him down.

"Yea shot!" Louis said all perky.

"Well me and the girls have to....

-End Of Chapter-

Sorry cliffhanger but you gonna feel said in the next one... Well maybe.



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