The Way I Met One Direction!! Me and my Best Friends went to London, UK to spend a week at the beach, having fun all over the place, and mostly Meeting One Direction... The beach was fun since I loved swimming... Until I ALMOST drowned........


18. Last Day


"So.. This is your last day?" Louis said akwardly.

"Yup" Mia said popping the 'P'. DAMN THIS IS AWKWARD!

"What Should we do Today?" Melanie said

Harry answer "lets go to a carnival" and looks at Febe .

all the girls say "yes"

(all the girls leave to get ready )

"what are going to do the girls are leaving for college" Harry asked.

"there is an old saying 'if u love something let it free if it doesn't come back then it was never meant to be'" Zayn said like a wise guy.

"ok but how do you know it will come back." Harry sad sadly.

"you don't" Zayn said sadly. Harry looked at Zayn sternly.

"sorry mate i know you like febe a lot" zayn said like a dad.


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