The Way I Met One Direction!! Me and my Best Friends went to London, UK to spend a week at the beach, having fun all over the place, and mostly Meeting One Direction... The beach was fun since I loved swimming... Until I ALMOST drowned........


16. Bad News

Hey this my continue so don't get confused this is what _____ says after the other thing she say so...

Febronia P.O.V.

"We have to... well..." Mia said and looked them in the eyes and started crying. Liam came over to comfort her.

"You ok, love?" Liam asked.

"Yea let Christie tell you what I was gonna say" She said still crying.

"Ok I will then.. since I'm the brave one but to be honest this is hard. Ok here goes...M-me and the g-girls have to g-go back to the U.S." Christeena said and almost started crying but she held back her tears.

"What why" Harry said and looked down to me.

"Well our parents just called and reminded us that we have to go to collage... school is starting in a few days... Sorry Harry." I said looking up at him straight in his eyes and tears were forming. I let go of him and ran to the girls room and started crying into the pillow. Soon I heard a knock on the door so I just yelled "GO AWAY"

Harry's P.O.V.

Febronia let go of me and ran to the girls room.

"I got her" Emily said.

"No I got her" I said.

"Ok" They all said. I walked up to her room and knocked.

"GO AWAY" she yelled.

"It's me Harry"

"Fine come in" She said and I went in, the pillow is wet, like completely wet.

"You ok" I asked as I rubbed circles in her back.

"Ya I guess... I'm gonna miss you Harry" She said and then she got up at looked my right in the eyes.

"I'm gonna miss you to babe" I said and leaned in to kiss her. I put my hands on both of her cheeks and rubbed them. I licked her lips for acceptance in her mouth. She accepted. We kissed for like 2 minutes and pulled away out of breath.

"Hey... Are you mad?" She asked.

"For what?"

"That I'm leaving"

"I'm sad not mad"

"I'm sorry"

"It's ok I won't ever forget you.... I swear"

"Me either" Then me and her leaned in and hugged. She had the best hugs.. Bear Hugs,... kinda like Niall's but....

somehow special.

"Let's go downstairs" Harry said I just nodded. We walked downstairs.

"Everything ok?" Melanie asked and I nodded once again.

"Ok well it's late we should go to sleep" I said and me and Harry went to his room and slept.


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