A New Life

One Direction has split up now. Zayn and I are married and had three children. We never want to see the boys. We moved on. We have jobs, a new life! But that all changes soon.


3. Flashback

Jackie's  POV

"Hey mom," It was our 15 year old daughter Francesca. 
"Hello," I replied.
"What's up with dad?. She asked.
"Yeah," It was Caleb the twin of Francesca. 
"Ok. I'll tell you," I began. "Your father has a 'reunion' tour with your uncles." I admitted.
"Sweet!" They both yelled.
"But- you know what happened when you were five." I raised my eyebrows.
"Uhhh... Yep." They don't want to admit it. It's too bad of a memory.  The fight.


Francesca's POV

 "Stop Uncle Haz!" I giggled. So what if I pranks him. I mean tickling?!? Payback is coming his way. 
"Not until you say who was in the prank!" He laughed.
"Fine," I sighed. "It was me, Uncle Lou, Mommy, Caleb, and Tina {Harry's Girlfriend}." 
"Oh really? Hmmm.... I guess I will just tickle you for fun!" He said.
"No! Please *giggle* stop!!! Sorry!" I pleaded.
"Okay. Okay." He said while waving his arms. He pulled out his phone and yelled "say HAZZA!"
"HAZZA!" We yelled. He posted the picture on Instagram and wrote 'Just had fun having revenge on this little cutie... You got lucky Franny this time!' 
"So..." Uncle Liam began, "it's over!" 
"What is?!?" Daddy yelled.
"The band," Uncle Liam yelled.
"What?" All the adults yelled.
"WHY?!?" Uncle Louis asked while standing up. 
"Look. These past few months we are loosing fans, getting into fights, and changed our image." Uncle Liam explained. 
"Oh yeah well it's time we have another fight." Uncle Niall yelled.
Daddy, Uncle Louis, Niall, And Liam got up and things- well- got ugly. 
"Go stay here with Uncle Simon and Caleb go get Uncle Paul then stay with your sister." Uncle Harry ordered and we got to business. I saw the fight and then I started crying. 
"Shhh it's okay,"  Uncle Simon said while rubbing my back. Paul ran in with police officers. Then someone carried me and ran off. I opened my eyes and saw a cop carrying Caleb and I to our Aunt Eleanor. 
"Let's go to the park!" She said while we gave hugs. I knew she thought we knew nothing about the fight. She was wrong. She didn't want us to know. But we did know.
{Flashback over}

My mom was cooking dinner when I snapped out of my mind. I went upstairs to my room and in the hallway I saw dad in his room in deep thought, Caleb watching Ariel playing her toys, and our puppy Jude laying on Ariel's lap. I went on my phone and pressed favorites and pushed a name. 
"Hello? Who is this.?"
"Hello Uncle Haz,"

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