One Direction Imagines

One Direction Imagines:
Comment Name, Boy, What happens, and a little bit of your personality
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8. imagine for Emily

Today was the day my brother Zayn was coming back from tour with his bandmates, and they were gonna be staying with us for a few weeks  and today i was gonna go to the airport to see them all, but first i had to get ready i never told anyone this not even Zayn, but i have a crush on Liam.

When i got to the airport i saw Zayn and then i ran up to him and he hugged me and then after a few minutes he let go and then i said hi and hugged the rest of the boys, and when  i got to Liam, he smiled at me and then kissed my cheek and then he slipped a note in my back pocket.


When we all got home Zayn and all the boys went and got into the pool but Liam put his stuff upstairs and left, and then i looked at the note he gave me


Dear Emily,'

when no one is looking meet me at the beach 

i want to ask you something,

Love, Liam

i put the note back into my pocket and then i grabbed my phone and went to the beach.


When i got to the beach i saw Liam sitting on the sand and then i went and sat beside him, and then i said

"so what did you have to ask me Liam"

and then he kissed me and he said

"Will you be my girlfriend?"

"of course i'll be your girlfriend"

then i kissed him again, and then we heard some noise behind us and then we turned around and saw Zayn, i expected him to get mad, but he just smiled and said

"Liam if you hurt my little sister i'll hurt you got it"

"got it"

then me and Liam sat on the beach together talking and laughing and kissing until the sun started to set and then we went home and crawled into our beds and dreamed about each other until the next morning 

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