My Summer love

When Sam gets sent to a musical talent camp everything seems dull, until she sees who the councilors are. 5 dreamy boys, but she keeps her eye on Niall who ends up becoming the boy of her dreams. She thinks everything seems well until one of the one of the very jealous girls starts spreading rumors about Sam and Niall.


27. We have a problem...

"Sam!" I heard coming behind me. I turned around and saw Niall and Maddie running up behind me.

"We have an issue." Niall said putting his hands on his knees and catching his breath. I gave him a confused look and looked at Maddie, equally out of breath, and she nodded widening her eyes. We went into the cabin and sat down on the bunks. A lot of the other girls were sitting outside playing volleyball, it was just the three of us.

"Ok Sam, so remember yesterday how something happened and Niall didn't want me to tell you and stuff?" Maddie asked.

"Uh ya I do. You still need to tel me by the way." I said.

"Well what happened today is worse. MUCH worse." Niall said. Oh God. I started to get an uneasy feeling as I shifted in my seat.

"I hope you're going to give me the option of not having to know this to?" I said hopefully. Niall shook his head and so did Maddie.

"No Sam you need to know this." Niall said. I swallowed and nodded at them to start talking. Niall took a breath .

"Ok so two days ago, Josh came up to me and said that he wanted to ask you out on a date. I defended you..."

Flashback Niall's point of view.

I heard a knock on the cabin door and I looked up from my guitar. I smiled. Sam must be back early from dinner. I ran my fingers through my hair a bit and opened the door. My smile faded when I saw Josh standing there in place of my girlfriend. He was turned around when I opened it but then turned quickly to face me.

"Hey Horan I know that I'm not the person you wanted to see right now, but I need to ask you something about one of the girls in your cabin." He said pacing. I don't think I have ever seen Josh nervous, or polite. He used to be my best friend and I have never seen him this nervous about a girl. Must be some girl.

"Who is it?" I asked curious.

"Secret." He replied.

"Well how am I supposed to tell you about them if it's a secret?" I asked a little annoyed.

"good point." He said and I saw the gears turning in his head. "I'll just describe her to you!" He said.

"Ok." I said scrolling through all the pictures of Sam on my phone.

"Well she has a funny personality, she's pretty and I feel like she understands me." He smiled. I rolled my eyes.

"Can you describe her?" I asked.

"She has curly dirty blonde hair, she's kind of short, green eyes..."

"STOP." My heart was beating. I knew Exactly who he was talking about.

"You are talking about Sam aren't you?"  I asked angrily. "AREN'T YOU!" I yelled. His confused look turned to a sly one.

"You like her don't you Horan?" She asked with a smirk on his face.

"So?" I asked knowing what I got myself into.

"No. No no no no. You are dating aren't you!" He laughed. I didn't say anything.

"I'll take that as a yes." He smirked. I can't keep digging myself deeper.

"GET OUT! GET OUT JOSH!" I screamed pushing him out the door.

He left laughing and walked down the road. 

End of Flashback (Sam's Point of View)

I sat there and thought things over.

"Ok that wasn't that bad." I said.

"Well that's not it. Josh threatened to tell Paul." Niall said biting his lip nervously.

"Ok..." I have a bad feeling about this, "So whats the bad news?"

"Well, that was bad news. This is REALLY bad news." Maddie said biting her bottom lip. She looked concerned.

"Do I want to know?" I asked.

"No, but whether you want to know or not, you have to." Niall said looking at me with sad eyes.

"Well might as well get it over with." I said. I could feel my heart beating in my head. It was trying to jump out of my chest. I have a feeling the anonymous person has something to do this.

"Ok. Well Sam." Maddie started.

"Paul found out we're dating." Niall said.

Sam Carson and Niall Horan report to my office. IMMEDIATLY  The intercom rumbled. Paul sounded really pissed. I am so screwed.


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