Bambi Tomlinson

Hi my name Bambi Tomlinson I am 16 and love Fruit Loops, I also have a thing for tattoos, and yes, Louis Tomlinson is my older brother, the type that would ignore me.
I have light blue hair and very odd purple eyes, although my natural hair colour is oak brown.


19. chapter18

Bambi's P.O.V

It was kinda awkward after Connor left but we still had a good time talking about the boys and about music, Harry said he wanted to talk to the lads about me joining them on tour... of course it would only be temporary and I wouldn't be able to tell my friends or give them passes. I was so exited to talk to Rob and Mary about this, everyone in my life had been so calm about meeting my brothers (and ex-boyfriend) One Direction I wonder how they would react when they found out that I, a nerdy shadow of my brother, would be singing along side them.

When we got there it was 11:24pm and all the lights were out but my one 'night Harry, I'll see if I can come around tomorrow and we can tell them about me coming aboard' I wink at him and he shrugs

'talk to Mary and Rob first and see if they agree, then we can talk to Louis and the others, but until then I will keep my mouth shut and so will you' he taps my nose and smiles

'okay big brother' he laughs at my kiddie voice and says his good byes. I get to the door and sigh, my first night out and I came home late.. not a good start. When I walk in it was completely black but I used the faint light of my phone to get to my room and by the time I got there I had bumped into so many things I might as well turn off my light and start walking in the dark.

I get to my room and collapse on my bed, hoping that Mar-- mum wouldn't be too mad at me, I hope she wouldn't be disappoint. I stare at my ceiling until my eyes finally flutter closed, I catch a glimpse of the sun rising in the sky and feel all my exhaustion drip from me.


'Bambi?' I could hear a small voice calling from beside me 'are you okay?, your still fully dressed' I recognise that voice, it was Sophie, she must have been wondering if I was home from Louis' by now.

I sit upright and look at her with dreary eyes 'huh? Yea I’m fine... hey, what would you you do if I got offered a temporary spot with One Direction?' I was definitely going to ask about this today and then run over to the hotel and tell everyone else

'I would say.. “it's about time that brother asked you to join them” and then I would scream and laugh with excitement' I remember that she was talking about Hazza and not Louis and she raised an eyebrow 'do I need to do that now?' her straight face cracked when I nodded like a fool. She did just what she said but much louder then I expected 'it's about time that brother asked you to join them', and yes, we did scream and laugh about this.

'girls what's going on here?' mum walked in and looked at Sophie, who had a red face, and smiled

'Bambi got offered a “temporary” place with 1D' mums smile illuminated the room and filled it with pride

'Bambi, that's amazing. I'm so happy for you' her smile simmers down and I could see pain behind it, pain of letting her little girl go so soon.

'I don't have to go if you dont want me to' I hug her and she exhails a long breath that hid a small sob

'no, you have to go, I'm always telling my children that they have to reach for their dreams and when they get an opportunity to take it' my new mum pulls me closer to her as if she could was trying to keep me here forever

'I'm sorry. You will always be my mother and I will call every now and then, I just won't be here with you guys every day' Sophie runs to us and hugs us, when I looked at her I could see tears in her eyes 'don't worry, I'll come back I promise' she nodded her tiny head and slowly smiled

'okay. But Bambi, we will always have this room for you and you're welcome to come back any time you want' she smiled and hugged my torso tighter, mum was just standing there looking at us with pride and tears in her eyes. She mouthed a quick “thank you” to me and left

'come on, lets tell dad and Travis' I take her hand in mine and we run out of the room and into the kitchen

'Dad! Bambi's going to be a professional singer' she beamed and I could tell she was proud of her big sister, tears filled my eyes when I saw everyone in the house turn to me and smile at my accomplishment. If my parents were here they would probably turn a blind eye or say something like “good, now try to be more like your brother and then maybe you'll be worth something” mum was always turning me down, but now I have a new mum and she's soo much better.

'that's wonderful dear' he sets down a bowl of fruit loops and I smile. I look up to see a perfectly normal family, a nice family, a family that cares about every person in it... including me

I have a sip of my coffee and I burn my tongue 'oww' I exhale and sit my cup down at the top right corner of my plate and start eating, I do my ritual of eating all of the pink ones first and then I continue onto the others, when I finish I slurp back the rest of the milk in the bowl and when I put my bowl down I look around and Sophie was looking at me like I was crazy 'what?'

'nevrmind' she laughs and I wonder what was so funny, was it my slurping?

'uh Bambi?' Travis looks like he was about to crack up too

'yea Trav?' he wipes a hand across his top lip and I still don't know what he's talking about

'you got a little' he scratches his top lip and I catch on, Oh My God, I have a milk moustache.. whoops. I wipe my top lip and sure enough the was a white liquid on it

'oh no' I frown a little, I was probably completely red in the face

'it's okay Bee' Trav says, I've never had a nick name before and this one was perfect, I have always liked animals, probably because I'm named after a dear, and I think bee's are cool too

'thanks Trav' Sophie smiles and sighs 'what's up Soph?' I look to her and she looks a little down

'I'm just gunna miss this' she was pretty smart for a 10 year old

'Soph, I've been here for like three days' she was so cute, I didn't want to leave her but I had to pursue any good opportunity and this was a great one, plus I couldn't leave my brother again.

'I know but I wish you would stay longer, you could stay here until it's time to leave' I smile and sigh

'yea, thats a great idea' I'll stay until Wednesday and then I'll go to the next concert with them, but I still have to go see the boys today. Maybe we could go to a zoo or something.. Crap I forgot that I still have to talk to Connor about everything, I wonder if he would be okay with all this. I'll go see him before I talk to the boys.

I finish my breakfast and head to my room, I sit on my bed and start sending Connor a text

B- hia, wat r u doing 2day?

C- nothin, thinking of going shopping for food

B- k, can I come 2?

C- sure, see u at 10am. I'll wait at the park 4 u

B -sure bub xoxo

C- xoxo

I get up and look at the time, it was 9:30am now so I can get dressed then head over to the park, I'll hang out there until he gets there. I walk to my wardrobe and pull out my white singlet with a brown leather jacket and a striped scarf (okay, stripes kinda run in the family), I put them on with my blue faded jeans and my checkered black and white converse hightops.

'mum, I'm going out to talk to harry about this, I’ll be back soonish. I promise this time I wont be late' I pick up my little black bag and run out the door, I still had a lot of time left so I walked slowly there and waited on the swing. I really don't want to go back to the park bench.. it has sad memories and right now I don't want to ruin my mood. I watch the road that Harry had stopped at to drop Connor off until I see Connor with a little girl she looked to be around 13, the same age as Travis, and she was wearing a dirty grey dress and a big black jacket over the top. Connor was holding her close to him and she was gladly clinging to him for protection.

'Hey Connor!' I call and he looks at me from the other side of the park and I could see his eyes light up, the gir next to him looks up at him and smiles. I start walking towards him and someone runs into me

'oh, sorry' I look up and see a shining smile surrounded by a beautiful face 'hey' his voice was calm and confident

'hi, I have to, uh--' I started to walk around him but he grabs my arm

'don't you wanna stay? My names Cody' I stare at him wih as much anger as I could muster

'no, I do not want to stay so let go of me' I yank at my arm and my anger turns to panic, he wasn't going to let go any time soon. 'I said let me go' I was getting louder and trying to find someone to help, I saw a glimpse of Connor before “Cody” pulled me to him and covered my mouth.

I tried to scream and kick him but he pulled me along with ease 'Connor!!' I try to yell through “Cody’s” hand but it was to muffled for him to hear

'just be quiet' “Cody” whispers in my ear 'and you wont get hurt' I kick and kick but I was getting no where. I know that Connor would be coming for me, he saw me and I think he saw me get taken. Cody pulls me to a car and pushes me into the back seat, I try to get out but he gets in the front and locks the doors before I could do anything. I search for the door lock and I find nothing, the door has to be locked and unlocked from the front seat. Cody starts the car and I look out the back window.

'Connor' I whisper as I touch the back window and he runs towards the car, by the time he gets to where we were parked Cody had already pulled out into the street

'don't worry, I won't be too rough on you' Cody had turned from a hot, confident guy into a fucking maniac. I curl up and push myself into the back corner trying to make myself disappear or wake up or... something, I just want to get out of here

'let me go' I finally found my voice after about two hours of panicking

'I can't do that. See, I want you, and what I want I get' he was definitely spoilt, I could tell by the custom made car he has.

'I'm not a toy' I growl and I sit up properly

'oh?' he looks into the rear view mirror and I cower under his gaze 'I think you are. I mean look at you, you must be a slut, having sex with every guy you meet' he laughs 'I would of thought you would like someone like me wanting to fuck you'

'why would I want a spoilt fucking mad man to have sex with me' I was really tempted to punch him in his arrogant face but I know that if I did that we would have an accident.

'oh, I'm so hurt' he fake pains 'don't worry babe, we'll be there soon' he pulls up to a gate and speaks into a call box 'just me and a friend daddy'... he calls his dad daddy? HA.

We drive for a couple of minutes until we reach what looks like a castle 'ah, home' Cody sighs, of course his house would look like this, he grabs my wrist and pulls me out of the car with a yank

'ow' I complain and I don't bother screaming, we're in the middle of nowhere and I know that no one would hear me 'stop hurting me' he pulled me up the steps and threw me into the house.

I instantly ran, I ran into the next room which looked to be a lounge room with a door at the far side, I run towards it and it leads me to a dinning room. I keep running through rooms and up stairs until I reach a bedroom, I turn around to head out and I see a lock on the door. I lock it and sit on the bed listening to every creak as it gets closer.

The creak stops at the door and I hear Cody laugh, I open the window and look down. I had gone three stories up and there was no way I could climb down there, I leave the window open and make noises to make it sound like I'm climbing out it 'oof' I make a distant sound as I dive under the bed, the lock turns and he instantly runs to the window

'fuck' he runs out the door and down the stairs, I wait until the creaking fades until I get out from under the bed and I sneak down and to the back of the house, I search through each room until I find the back door.

I run to it and open it a little, I look out just in time to see Cody get in a car and drive off. Probably to find me. I walk out cautiously and I walk down the drive way walking behind every tree I see, by the time I get half way down the drive I see Cody’s car coming back. I could see the frustration on his face as he sped past not even looking my way.

'bye Cody' I snicker as I climb the fence

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