Zayns new princess

Kassia is a normal teenage girl with a hard life but then she meets one direction. Zayn falls in love with her and they gain a relation ship. what happens when her ex boyfriend comes back and abuses her and treats her like crap. what will happen in the end of the story.


4. Chapter Three

Me- what’s wrong?

I looked ahead and saw a tall blonde haired guy walking towards us with a mad look on his face.

“YOU LITTLE SLUT” as he yelled walking up to us. He got to us and slapped her straight across the face. Next thing I know I punched him and turned around to see her with tears in her eyes. Her face was going red and she fell to the ground and held her face. I crouched down next to her and made sure she was alright. As I got up I saw him get up and stand face to face with me. “Do you even know who I am?” he said. “Nope but if you ever touch her again I will hit you harder”. He started to laugh. “I’m her boyfriend” “no you’re not” I hear from behind me. She grabbed my hand and hid behind me.

Kassia- Alex I left you weeks ago because you were treating me like shit and you only used me for sex. Next thing I know is that you cheated on me and you didn’t care what I thought. You abused me and didn’t care and beat me up and I am not going through that again.

Alex- you think you’re little pop-star here is going to save you and keep you away from me?

Me- you bet I will.

He looked at me and said “try” as he took a step towards me. I said “sure thing”. He walked off and she looked scared. We kept walking and she said to me not to say talk about it. We got to my house and as soon as we got there the boys were already in their different coloured suits.

Kassia’s P.O.V

I walked up to Louis and gave him a hug and he kissed my head. I giggled and Zayn ran up for a shower. I got my present for Natasha. It was a big canvas art of me, Britney (my other best friend), Jorgia (my role model) and Natasha. We were the closest friends that anyone could have and no one could break us up. Zayn was done within 10 minutes until he had to do his hair. That took him an extra five. As he came down I smiled and he picked me up and carried me to the car. Of course thanks to Zayn he had rented a Limo for us to go in to the party. So I got thrown on Louis lap into the limo and Zayn climbed in.

Louis- so what does this mysterious ‘Natasha’ look like?

Me- a little ranga with blue eyes and a fringe like me. Her hair is the same length and she is shorter than me.

Zayn- wow that must be short because you are really short.

I looked down and acted sad but he pulled my head up and kissed me. I went red as all the boys clapped. We pulled out of the kiss and Louis nudged me.

Me- shut up

Louis- no

Louis was like my older brother that I never had. I have an older brother but I haven’t seen him in a while because he was in New York with his girlfriend. I miss him but Louis is my temporary brother. The boys sang to me on the way there and as soon as we got there and out of the car we had a crowd of my school friends in our face. Taylor who was a complete bitch to me and who was my enemy grabbed Zayn’s arm and pulled him away to go make out with him somewhere. I saw it but he pulled away and ran back to me.

Zayn- who was that

Me- Taylor

Zayn- oh ok.

I walked into the house with the boys and told them to stay outside for a minute. I walked into the room and found my three besties running up to me and jumping one me. I laughed as we always do.

Me- guess what Tash.

Tash- what?

Me- I brought 4 brothers and a boyfriend.

Tash- you have a boyfriend?

That’s when I open the door and the boys were standing there. She jumped on me and said thank you a million times. I introduced her and she went off with Harry somewhere. Britney and Jorgia were hanging out with the other three boys but they had an interest in Louis and Niall. Liam invited his girlfriend to come. She was flawless and so pretty. Zayn had slowly walked up to me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I put mine around his neck and he kissed me. It was so amazing. There was sparks and everything. 

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