Nialls my love

I'm Brianna and I recently just graduated high school and now I'm getting ready to move out of my moms house and go move to Ireland and I meet a new friend and a few more


2. Hotel guests

Brianna's p.o.v. I walk up to the door and open it.......blonde guy:hi umm is this a4 this is a14 ......other guy: niall we got the wrong one ours is down he hall.......niall:Yur right Harry sorry about biggie.......niall:out of curiosity can I have your my name is Brianna ......niall:thank u Brianna I was wondering if u like to hang out later..... Me:sure???.......Harry:lad we got to go the boys must be worried......niall:yea sorry ummm Brianna come to a4 in 20 minutes if u still want to come and hang out with me and my I will see u later then.....niall:yea well gotta go bye walks out I close the door and I go to my luggage and grab a pair of black pajama shorts with a gray Beatles shirt and my gray vans and then go on twitter and "moved out for realz now time to hang with a new friend" I close put and take a pic ind the morrow and walk out into the hall and walk to a4 I do not know if I really want to go in but I decide to knock now and a boy opens the door.......boy:yes how may I help u A boy named niall invited me about twenty minutes ago ........niall:o yea Brianna , Louis this is Brianna she is the girl I told u about ......Louis:oh this is the chick u said u loved.....niall:what r u talking about.....Louis:I'm just well nice meeting u Louis .......Louis:nice meeting you too......niall:Brianna come here...... I follow niall to a room with Harry and two other guys.....Naill:Brianna you know Harry and this is liam and zayn meeting u guys.....Louis:your right on time we r just about to watch a great.......niall: here sit next to me ........I sit on the couch next to niall and Louis plays the movie 



well idk if I should continue if u want more just comment kk:)

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