The 3 Bestfriends

This story is about 3 best friend that bump into guys on a beach in London, England. After a while of knowing the 5 guys something was wrong about them and they noticed. The girls go to a club one night and they get extremely drunk not knowing what they are doing. They pick up some good looking guys not noticing that they are the guys they bumped into at the beach. Will they fall in love? Will the girls find out what their secret is? What will the guys do to the 3 best friends when they find out the secret?


3. The Big Secrets.

Savannah's POV:

So I guess the girls wanted to meet the guys more so I guess I can do the same with Seth because I really hope he can be the guy I want him to be "perfect."

So how old are you? He asked.

I'm 19 but also older then the two but me and Cheyenne are close in age by 1.5 months I am guessing. I said.

Oh nice I am 21. He said.

Nice. I said blushing a little.

Yup, uh Savannah I really need to tell you something please don't freak out in a scared way. He said.

Ok what is it? I asked.

I'm I ah um. He could barley tell me.

Come on Seth spit it out. I said giggling and he took a breath.

I am a vampire. He said.

What! Oh my god really! I yelled jumping up and down and jumped in his arms hugging him.

Oh wow. He said.

I love vampires I never knew I would actually get to meet one in real life I am so happy. She said smiling and she was so excided that she kissed him.

Wow you must be excided. He said after like 1 of kissing.

Yeah I am so sorry for kissing yo- I was interrupted by getting kissed again.

Never apologize for anything I don't care if you kissed me I enjoyed it. He said with a smile.

Oh ok. I said.

Then I sat down on the sand watching the water and Seth sat down next to me and I put my head on his shoulder. I never felt this in love with anybody and never felt this safe in my whole life.

Savannah have you ever imagined of becoming a vampire? He asked.

Uh yeah of course but what if I hurt my friends? I ask.

Trust me you won't the other lads are wolves. He said.

Oh ok then yeah. She said.

Would you like me to change you then we can be together forever? He asked.

Oh my god really? I asked.

Yeah of course. He said.

Then yes please. I said.

When? He asked.

Uh tonight right now. I said smiling.

Ok. He said then showed his fangs and he looked good with them.

He moved my hair away from my neck and he got in front of me leaned in and first he kissed my neck and I gasped and that's when I felt a sharp pain in my neck and I loved the feeling of that. I passed out while he was doing that then I woke up in his arms feeling a bit stronger and hungry.

Welcome vampire Savannah. He said while whipping the blood from his mouth and from my neck.

Brandi's POV:

I was talking to Brandon and walking along the beach he seems really flirty and fun and also almost like there is something he doesn't want to tell me.

Brandon is there something you are hiding from me? I ask.

Um yeah I am scared to tell you. He said.

Why Brandon you are a really nice guy and I never want to lose you. I said.

I grab his hand to let him know I will never let him go anywhere.

I am a werewolf. He said looking down and stopped walking causing or hands to break apart and I just kept walking knowing that I shouldn't but I did.

I reached a chair and I sat down because I was wondering if he has killed people or hurt them. He approached me and sat down next to me and I put my head on his shoulder and I knew that he will protect me.

How many people have you killed? I asked.

Nobody I don't kill I save and protect. He said.

I can trust you to protect me. I said taking my head off his shoulder and looked into his eyes.

I have to tell you something to. 4 out of 5 of One Direction are wolves Seth is the only Vampire and there is a chance he turned Savannah in a Vampire because she seems like she wants to be a vampire. He said.

Well I figure you are right and she probably is a vampire right now I just have to warn Cheye- He stopped me.

No Issac is a guy that doesn't like to tell girls early so don't tell her yet. He said.

Ok. I said.

Cheyenne's POV:

I can still tell there is something about him he is not telling me oh well I will just let him tell me when he is ready.

This is a beautiful night. I said breaking the silence.

With a beautiful girl. He said smiling at me.

Awe thanks. I said smiling at him back. I can't help but ask him I can't wait until he is ready to tell me.

Issac I have a question. I said.

Ok what is it? He asked.

What are you hiding from me I can tell you are hiding something and it is strange for me to know. I said.

I am hiding something but I just can't tell you I am scared you might leave me. He said.

If you really think that, you are wrong because you are the most specialist guy I have ever met and been with. I said.

Uh ok fine. He said.

What is it then? I asked.

I. Am. A. Werewolf. He said pausing between the words.

Ok that's fine. I said smiling.

See I knew you w- wait what He said.

I said ok that's fine. I said repeating myself.

Really? He said smiling.

Yeah. I guess I fell in love with a werewolf and I don't mind I love werewolves. I said smiling back.

Wow I am really surprised you are the only girl that I told that wasn't terrified. He said.

Because I feel safe around you and I know you can protect me. I said.

Well you are correct about all that. He said laughing a little.

I know I am. I said looking him in the eyes and he was ding the same thing.

You are a very understandable person that I am in love with. He said pulling me close.

Uh huh. I said still looking at his eyes.

You are the best hugger and kisser. He said putting my hair behind my ear not losing contact.

So are you. I said.

You are my everything. He said moving my hands to go around his neck.

Yeah. I said not losing contact with his eyes.

And you are the only one I want to be with no matter what happens. He said leaning forward and I did the same think letting are lips meet once again.

You are to. I said after I pulled away but then pressed them together again but my tip toes started hurting because I was kind of short. He lifted me and not breaking the kiss and I wrapped my legs around his body he must have noticed I was losing balance. He stopped.

You are amazing and so kissable. He said smiling.

Well amazing you are correct but kissable is incorrect. I said smiling back at him.

Well to me you are so kissable. He said pecking my lips about 10 times but then he keeps the kiss for a long time.

I can't believe I am in love with a wolf but I couldn't be happier in my entire life. He is my protection, my love, my best friend, but soon my boyfriend. 

A/N: Hey so this chapter was good or great not sure yet but that is your decision not mine I make the story you tell me if you like it but thank you so much if you vote and comment. :D

Lots Of Love,

CheyenneAllen06 :) 

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