The 3 Bestfriends

This story is about 3 best friend that bump into guys on a beach in London, England. After a while of knowing the 5 guys something was wrong about them and they noticed. The girls go to a club one night and they get extremely drunk not knowing what they are doing. They pick up some good looking guys not noticing that they are the guys they bumped into at the beach. Will they fall in love? Will the girls find out what their secret is? What will the guys do to the 3 best friends when they find out the secret?


2. At Our Condo...... Then The Beach!

At Our Condo...... Then The Beach!

Cheyenne's POV:

Hey Brandi. Hey Savannah. Come her. I said.

What is it? They both asked.

I was thinking we should do something fun today. I said.

Hahaha very funny Chey. Even know we live in London doesn't mean there is fun stuff to do here. Savannah said.

But- She cut me off.

Cheyenne i am telling you there is nothing to do here now shush! She yelled at me.

I will not shush Savi! We can go to the beach if you like it or not! I yelled back.

Well i like it. Brandi said.

Ugh! Fine but we are not swimming just walking around. She said clearly.

Ok fine. I said then went to get ready i heard there is alot of hot guys on the beach.

We all got ready and came out looking good i wore a black and blue zebra printed tank top with black shorts, Brandi wore a black tank top with a green cover shirt with green shorts, and Savannah wore a white tank top with a black cover shirt that says with rainbow colored words I Love Vampires (of course vampire stuff) with jean shorts.

Wow we all look good. I said with them nodding their heads with agreement.

Ok so you girls ready to go to the London Beach! Brandi shouted.

Yeah!!! Savi and i yelled at the same time.

We go into my car which is a convertable mustange i love them and we road to the beach. We parked the car and got out and started walking and i was walking backwards talking to the girls and i bump into somebody and i felt something cold go down my back.

Hey watch were your goi-..... Well hello there. I said smiling at him yes i am the flirt in the group.

Uh hi i am really sorry about bumping into you. He said with a sexy British accent.

Oh i will live. Uh i am Cheyenne by the way. I said.

It is a pleasure to meet you. I am Issac. He said holding out his hand for me to shake it.

I don't shake hands i give hugs. I said.

Oh well ok. He said and i gave him a hug and we did not release eachother for about 2 minutes.

Wow you are a great hugger. I said smiling and blushing at the same time.

Thanks you are too. He said smiling back.

Uh can i text you sometime or call even? I asked.

Uh sure i will put it in your phone. He said and we swapped phones to put are numbers in them and swapped back.

Well hope to see you around. I said and winked at him.

Wait. He said pulling me back before i walked to see where Brandi and Savannah went.

Yeah? I asked.

Would you like to get coffee or maybe dinner sometime? He asked sweetly. 

Yeah that would be amazing. I said and hugged him again then walked away.

God where could they be and why did that guy look so fimiliar. I will walk near stores and look for them.

Savannah's POV:

I lost Brandi and Cheyenne where could they be. I looked like i was walking like a crazy person because i kept twirling to see if i see them. I hit flat into somebody and fell on him.

Oh i am so sorry are you ok? He asked with a kinda annoying British voice but i like British guys but his was high pick kinda.

Maybe you should watch where your going mister! I yell getting off of him.

I know sorry again. He said with a cute British accent.

Ugh sorry i am the one that is going cray cray because i can't find my two friends because the wondered off somewhere and i don't know where! I yelled but not meaning to.

I understand would you like help finding them? He asked politly.

Sure. I said then smiled because he was kinda hot.

What may your name be? I ask.

I'm Seth and you? He asked but his name made my heart pound like i was running 10 miles on a track.

I-i-i am S-Sa-Savannah. I said kinda studdering.

Oh nice to meet you S-Sa-Savannah. He said jokingly.

You to and my name is Savannah not the way i said it the first time. I said kinda embarrased.

I know i was kidding around with you. He said smiling then bumped into my arm when we were walking and when he touched my arm i swear i felt something. I wonder if he did?

Ohokrightsorry. I said fast.

I stopped and saw Cheyenne looking through sunglasses of course.

I found one of my friends. I said then was about to walk away but he grabbed my hand to pull me back and he didn't let go of my hand and i didn't mind i kinda blushed.

May i rake you on a date sometime? Also can i have your number? He asked.

Yes and sure hand me your phone and i will give you mine. I said and we swapped phones and swapped back when we were done.

Alright thanks love. He said. Awe he called me love.

Welcome bye. I said then walked away before he said anything else.

I walked over to Cheyenne and tapped her on the shoulder.

Where have you been i have been looking all around for you and Brandi where is she? I asked trying to be the mature one until Brandi comes back.

I bumped into a guy and you guys left me but the guy was smexy but he looked so fimiliar. I just can't put my finger on it quite yet. I said with a thinking face.

Oh my god Cheyenne is achually thinking for once. I said cracking up but i also noticed something fimiliar about Seth to.

Brandi's POV:

I swear when i see those girl i am going to beat the living turds out of them. They just left me i remember Cheyenne bumping into someone and of course when she see's a hot or smexy guy as she calls it she will talk and talk and flirt and flirt. I have no idea where Savannah went though which surprises me because she usually stays with us and never leaves are sight.

God darnit! I yelled when i ran into someone i didn't fall he did  and he looked so good looking.

Brandon are you alright! Two boys yelled running to get to him.

I am so sorry Brandon i guess your name is. I said with a sorry look on my face and holding out my hand to help him up.

It's fin.... Oh well hello there who may you be? He asked grabbing my hand smiling showing his dimples.

I am Brandi. I said holding out my hand this time for him to shake it.

I am Brandon and this is Tyler and Mason. He said.

Nice to meet all of you. I said shaking their hands.

Why are you wondering all by yourself? Brandon asked.

I am looking for my two friends they are doofs and left me. I said giggling at the word doof.

Oh we are looking for two of our mates. He said.

Oh well maybe they ran into eachother. I said then it hit me isn't he from One Direction!

Maybe. He said smiling showing his dimples i couldn't help but smile and ask that question it is brothering me because i gotta know.

Um Brandon i have a question for you. I said.

What may that question be sweetheart? He asked.

Uh um ah um. Was all i can say.

Spit it. He said laughing a little. 

AreyoufromOneDiectionbecauseyoulookfimiliarandijustwantoknow? I asked in one breath.

Uh yeah i am. He said.

Oh my god but sorry i am a huge fan it may not seem like it because i am calm but i am. I said smiling.

Well in that case would you like to go out to dinner with me? He asked and i stood there shocked.

Yes i would love to. I said after like 30 seconds of being shocked. 

Great. Can i put my numberin your phone? He asked.

Uh yeah here. I said giving him my phone and he gave me his and we swapped back.

Well i should start looking f- nevermind i found them. I said pointing at them coming towards me and i see his two bandmates coming towards them and they came the same exact time.

Hey, All four of them said. (Cheyenne, Issac, Savannah, and Seth.

Cheyenne's POV:

Now i reconize you! I yelled causing everyone to jump because it was so random.

Yes Cheyenne it One Direction. Brandi said.

I knew it! But hi again Issac. I said waving at him.

Hey beautiful. He said waving back and walked towards me and hugged me.

Your still the best hugger. I said smiling.

You are too. He said smiling back at me.

Hi Seth. Savannah said.

Hey love. He said hugging her.

So all of you guys know eachother Tyler said confused same with Mason.

Yeah i guess so. I said then we walked around the rest of the day walkinf near the water on the beach and Issac and I walked alone together and stopped right when the sun went to sunset. 

Can this be are first date? I ask.

If you would like it to be then yes. He said. 

I would love this to be. I said laying my head on his chest admiring the sunset.

Then this is the first date. He said getting up and held me close in his arms.

Your cold. He said looking at me. 

Yeah a little. I said cuddling more against the heat of his body which is really weird because it is like 47 degrees out right now.

Warm now? He asked putting his arms around me looking at the sunset.

Yeah much warmer. I said looking up at him thinking i never thought i would fall in love with someone this fast

Good. He said looking into my eyes and we both leaned in and felt him lips meet mine and i felt his warm soft lips sync into te kiss even more but he felt like he was burning up and more stronger so i pulled my lips away from his.

Are you getting sick. I asked him.

Uh no just haven't kissed anybody in a long time. He said looking down.

Well now you have me to kiss. I said lifting his chin and kissed him this time alowing fir him to bring presser to the kiss.


A/N: As for Savannah and Brandi well you will see next Chapter thanks for reading my new book so far. :D

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