With Love,

Earan Edwards; your 17 year old typical girl, had just moved back to her Texas small town from the Philippines to enter another journey, 'college life'. Her life honestly was a bit of a bumpy road; a long list of trial, let's just say. But suddenly, after her rough teen years, something lightens her. A weakness; A secret admirer. Extreme secret admirer. Months after the mystery , she realized she's possibly in love with this guy.. Not having a clue on who he is. Think about it, when it comes to the time where she finds out, what'll change?


7. Secrets

"So, earlier?"
Josh asked me.

I knew in the back of my mind, if I attempted to share, I'd start bawling. 

"Yeah, what about it?"

"I could tell through your voice that there was something up." 

I took a deep breathe. 

"You better get a box of tissues and ear plugs then."
I kidded around.

"No need for those, I'm all open."
He flashed a sincere smile at me.

Though, this felt quite odd. 

Every time I had been with Josh, it was never really grave.

He's usually such an obnoxious trouble maker, always flirting up on the spot and just wild.

I backed away from him, turning to face his direction with my legs crossed on the sofa. 

"This morning, we grabbed a bite to eat at a small diner. 

When I stepped out, getting a good whiff of the fresh food..."

I choked up all over again.

"It just.. Really took me back."

I then began to weep.

Josh pulled me closer to him for a hug, burring my head to his chest. 

Yet, this was only the second time we've ever hugged. The first being at his 18th birthday party.

"Hey hey, no. Don't cry. I promise, I'll be here for you, alright?"
He whispered to me, full of pity. 

My tears rained all over his plain white t-shirt, the small amount of makeup I still had on from the last crying session, got on it as well.

A few minutes later, I released myself from him. 

"Looks like I've got a little bit of girl on me." 
He chuckled. 

It made me let out a slight giggle.
"Ah man! I'm sorry."

He stood up slowly took it off, as if he was trying to turn me on.

I mumbled under my breath. 

His body is absolutely perfect. 
He's blessed with big biceps, an eye pleasing eight pack abs and a deep v-line.

I couldn't control myself after seeing such a heavenly thing.

I wiped up my face. 
"You know, I think I'll just start unpacking now."

I quickly grabbed a couple boxes, making my way upstairs.

"Hey, let me help you."
Josh called to me.

"Uh..... I can get it myself. Thanks though!"
I ran up the stairs. 

When I reached mine and Sarah's room, I threw down the boxes to open the door.


I cut off Sarah.

"Oh my gosh, PLEASE don't sa-"

"Sarah! His BODY. My goodness! The feels!"
I growled in pleasure. 

"Remember that one time we went out to eat and we ordered those huge fudge-caramel lava cakes?"

"Yes! The way the caramel oozed out, still warm. Making the moist fudge cake to be pure perfection. Earan, HOW on earth could I possibly forget about that?!"

She asked another question before I could answer.

"Why are you bringing that up after that session with Josh?"

"Woah woah woah, you saw us?"

"Yeah, Dylan and I snuck right past you two!"

"Anyways, remember the feelings we had while eating that cake?

That's what I felt like looking at Josh SHIRTLESS."

"Dude, he took off his shirt?!"

"YES! Oh my god.. Woo! His body is now my guilty pleasure."
I squealed. 

"What was that again, Earan?"
Josh smirked. 

I froze, forgetting that I had left the door wide open. 

"I was just...


I rushed over to one of my boxes, opening it and getting out my poster of One Direction.

"Yeah... These bodies are to die for!"
I smiled and pointed at the poster, full of awkwardness. 

He chuckled, walking off to his room.

When I saw that he had already entered, I quickly shut and locked the door. 

"You don't really think he heard all of that, do you?"
I was hoping not. 

"You don't really think I'm gonna unpack all your stuff, are you? 

Get started already!"

I noticed that Sarah had more than half of her things unpacked and placed. 
Unlike me, who hasn't started yet.

"I'll be back."

I whined.

She stepped out, going to Dylan's room.


I sat on the floor and began to get things out of my set of boxes. 

In a matter of 2 hours, I finally finished up.

I plopped on my bed, it felt like I had rested myself upon a marshmallow. 

Sarah came back after so long with a tray of club sandwiches and
grape juice. 

"You know me too well." 

I didn't want to, but I got up for self service. 

I grabbed a sandwich and a glass then sat back down on my bed, leaning against the wall. 

Sarah set the tray on the night stand, sitting next to me. 

"So, what DID happen with you and Josh?"

"He just asked me why I was crying, and comforted me. Nothing much."
I made it seem as no big deal. 

"I saw it all over your face!"

"Saw what?!"
I was confused. 

"I'm pretty sure your blush was natural!"
She smirked, knowing everything without even really knowing.

"GAH! Shut up!"
I threw a pillow at her.

"Awh! Earan!"

I totally just spilled grape juice all over her shirt. 

"Luckily, this is black. No stains.
Hold on."

She got up, making her way to the closet to change. 

I checked my phone,
"Only 4:17? Wow."

There was a light knock on the door.

"Come in!"
I called. 

It was Dylan.

"What's up?"

"Where's Sarah?"
He questioned.

"She's changing, I spilled grape juice all over her."

"Ha, wow! Well anyways, Josh and I are gonna chill at the hot tub, wanna join?"

"Why not. We could use some relaxation."

He closed the door right as Sarah came out. 

"Hey Sarah, wanna go check out the hot tub with the boys?"

"Nah. I feel like watching a movie."

"What movie?"

I wanted to see Josh shirtless again, but I didn't want to ditch my best friend for a shirtless dude.

"Wait a minute, Dylan has his x box installed. Let's use it for Netflix!"
 She whispered, sounding slightly sinister. 

I got up, making my way across to their door. 

I give it a gentle knock, but still loud enough to be heard. 

"Is it all clear?"
Sarah came up behind me.

"Yeah, let's go."

We entered the room.

Sarah was the expert at game systems, she was the one to figure everything out while I got a bag of corn chips and salsa plus raspberry iced tea.

I went back with the snack, seeing that Sarah had chosen the first Harry Potter. 

"Let's do this!"

We sat on the floor, in front of the tv.

I gave her a bottle of tea and opened up the bag and jar. 

A little past midnight, we reached the fourth movie.

"Can we just finish tomorrow? I can't feel my eyes."

Sarah laughed at me, turning off the tv and x box. 

I got up, cleaning our mess and heading out. 

Although, something caught my attention. 
It was on Josh's side of the room.

"What's that?"
I asked, pointing at it. 

"You can answer your own question, Earan."


It looked to be a box, one that a bracelet or necklace would be packaged in. 

I opened it, seeing a charm bracelet.
One charm was a house, another was a heart and the last one was the infinity symbol. 

I only noticed the bracelet, but Sarah saw the note. 

"Let me take care of you when you're alone, 
Let my heart be your home,
To infinity and beyond, 
I promise nothing would be wrong.
- Josh"
Sarah read the note aloud. 

"Woah... You don't think he wrote that himself, do you?"

"Who cares?! He's gonna ask you out, dude!"
She squealed. 

"Why is it that you're so happy now?! What happened to 'bitching on Josh' from earlier?"
She totally confused me.

"You seem into him, I just want you to be happy. 
You really deserve it. 
Plus, Dylan lightened me up about the whole thing."

"Of course he di-"

The door opened. 

I put my one hand behind my back, hoping Josh wouldn't see what I found out about.  

"There was a party here and no one told us?"
Dylan joked. 

I quickly closed the box, tossing it behind me to where I had gotten it. 

"What was that noise?" Josh asked. 

Great, just when I didn't want anyone to notice!

I just dropped my bottle.

"Uh... I dropped my bottle of tea here."

I picked it up and grabbed onto Sarah's arm with my free hand, making us sprint out their room.  

When we reached to our room, I shit the door, locking it. 

I let go of Sarah, threw down the left overs and ran to my bed drowning my face in my pillow. 

"Smooth move."
Sarah said, noting the sarcasm along with her words.

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