I'm Not Perfect I'm Me

Carter isnt your tipical girl. She loves skate boarding. But she loves to fight. She is more like a guy than a girl. She's not popular. Her best friends name is Luke There just like brother and sister nothing more. But she does fall for the popular Austin Mahone.


2. Before the Match

My first match is gonna be fun a lot of practice. I guess my mum brother, Liam, Louis, zayn, Niall ,and Gemma are gonna be there. So excited they will see me before I go on.

Couple minuetes before match...

My mum walked in along with Gemma and the boys. I was definetly happy to see Harry Were more than brother and sister were best friends. But then with out them telling my luke comes from behind them. My gosh I haven't seen him in the 4 years. It was to long. We talked for about a minute or two. Thenn my coach called me over for me to practice a few hits before the match.

Harrys P.O.V...

I haven't seen my little sister in 2 years. Thats really long. Imissed her so much now she's a wrestler. I'm so happy for her they only let one watch her practice seince its her first match and all.

Her coach- so Carter you bring any one back to help push you before the match when practicing?

Carter- yeah... Harry my brother

Me- me? K 

When she was practicing she was really concentrated and focused just like when I'm singing.

It was just about time for her to go. I left to my seat for the fight. Hope she doesn't get like a broken finger or knuckle. You know what I mean? Ok good.

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