After 18 Years

Darcy Tanner ran away from home on her 18th birthday, in search of her father. A little over 18 years before, her mother- Ariel- found out that she was pregnant with Harry Styles' child. She fled to America, scared to end the career that he enjoyed so much. Now, when Darcy forces Harry and Ariel to reunite will they fall back into love? Will revisiting their youth be painful or the thing that makes them happiest? Will everything be the same again, even after 18 years apart?


17. Remembering...

I looked around in wonder. There was a lit up bar in the back, some booths around the walls, and a dance floor in between. Colorful lights flashed and moved around the entire place. A familiar song played in the background. No one was here but us. It was a sorta-abandoned nightclub. I looked down at my clothes, then at Harry. The song playing on loop, the car... It all made sense. This is where we met. These are the clothes that we were wearing that night. How could I possibly have forgotten?

 “This is amazing...” I said in awe.

“Can I buy you a drink, Georgia Rose?” Harry laughed. Every guy that ever talked to me and didn't stay like Harry, thought my name was Georgia Rose Tanner, not Ariel Tanner. I got the idea out of a book I read. After our first date I had told Harry my real name.

“Sure Styles.” I laughed. The night we met and on our first date I never once called Harry by his first name. He grinned. He knew I understood, and now was playing along. I sat down at the bar while he went behind and got us both drinks. We toasted before bringing the full glasses to our lips.

“I haven't had anything stronger than wine in a while.” I mumbled, the alcohol level in the drink stunned me a bit. Harry chuckled.

“So...” He started.

“What?” I replied.

“Do you remember the night we met?” He asked.

“Like it was yesterday.” I grinned, now that he'd jogged my memory a bit. I'd spent years trying to forget it, but I could remember every single detail... I never knew the name of the song he had playing, but I know we danced to it that night. Harry had paid the DJ to play it on loop, and we danced until the club closed.

“I first saw you walk through the front doors with your friend. And I couldn't get you off my mind. It took me an hour to get up the courage to talk to you.” He smiled.

“Yeah, and you had the best pickup line.” I smirked.

“My buddies bet me that I wouldn't be able to start a conversation with the hottest girl in the club. Wanna buy some drinks with their money?” He recited. That was the first thing he had ever said to me. We both laughed. That night, I remember snickering at his line, but agreeing to have a drink...

“And that was the start of it all.” I smirked. “I wonder what Darcy would say if we told her that line was the reason she was alive.” I chuckled.

“I could have said anything else and you would have danced with me. You liked me.” He said, quite sure of himself.

“No, the first drink was a pity thing, I felt bad because you were dorky enough to use that line.” I laughed.

“It wasn't that terrible, it worked didn't it?” He grinned. I laughed, finishing off my drink.

“Okay Georgia Rose, will you dance with me?” He asked.

“I'd love that." I smiled. He took my hand and pressed a button on a remote that turned the music up so that it was making the whole place bounce. I remembered thinking it was adorable how bad his dancing was.

We danced for a long time, I couldn't even tell you how long. Sometimes slowly at the fastest parts of the songs, not ever matching the music. We laughed frequently, for no reason. When we ended up next to the bar, Harry turned the music down, and wrapped his arms around my waist. He rested his forehead on mine.

“One thing about that song, you wrote about the night we met... I never kissed you.” I smirked.

“It made for a good song though.” He chuckled.

“So, since the song was based here, why don't we make it all true?” I asked, staring into his beautiful green eyes. He breathed out a slight laugh, like he didn't know quite what to do.

“Just kiss me Styles.” I whispered, then hopped up and pressed my lips against his. He kissed me back, like he hadn't kissed me in forever. Which was kind of true... I put one hand on his chest and ran my other hand through his hair. I felt his accelerated heartbeat beneath my palm. He held me closer. When he finally pulled back I rested my head on his shoulder. His arms held me right up against him in a hug, like he wasn't planning on ever letting me go.

“I love you Harry.” I said quietly. He laughed softly in my ear. He had succeeded.

“I love you too Ariel.” He whispered. “This has gone a lot better than I expected.” He chuckled again. I smiled.

“I'm glad,” I sighed, “this is the best date I've ever been on."

“How many times do I have to tell you that that's always my goal?” He asked, I could hear the smirk in his voice. I'd heard that a few times before.

“It's getting late.” He sighed suddenly.

“How late?” I asked.

“It's almost one.” He answered.

“Oh... wow. We should go home. Make sure Darcy and Lou survived.” I smiled, hiding my disappointment that the night was already over. Harry pressed a button on the remote that turned everything off. “Would you be okay driving? I might end up falling asleep at the wheel.” I admitted.

“Yeah, after that kiss I'm wide awake.” He winked at me. An instant grin lit up my face. He locked up the place and drove us home. I had guessed correctly, I fell asleep on the way home. He must have carried me in because when I woke up I was in bed, and my alarm was going off...

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