After 18 Years

Darcy Tanner ran away from home on her 18th birthday, in search of her father. A little over 18 years before, her mother- Ariel- found out that she was pregnant with Harry Styles' child. She fled to America, scared to end the career that he enjoyed so much. Now, when Darcy forces Harry and Ariel to reunite will they fall back into love? Will revisiting their youth be painful or the thing that makes them happiest? Will everything be the same again, even after 18 years apart?


2. London

 “Ariel? Ariel is that you?” I opened my eyes. Inches away was a familiar soft face, complete with blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He looked just as young as he did 18 years ago.

“Hello Niall.” I smiled. My brain flooded with memories.

“It is you!” He exclaimed, wrapping me in a very tight hug. “We've all missed you so much! Harry will be thrilled! I have to call him!” Niall was glowing with happiness.

“No! Niall, you can't! I'm going to see him in person! Please don't say anything.”I begged. Niall's huge grin faded slightly.

“Alright. We'll have to all have lunch sometime soon, now that you're back.” He insisted. I smiled.

“I'd love that.” I said. In the back of my mind I panicked. I couldn't go out in public with them, people would take pictures, and Dan would see that I wasn't actually with my family. 

“You haven't changed a bit, you know that. It's like we're back in 2013 all over again.” He commented.

“Feels the same for me blondie.” I chuckled. He laughed.

“Yeah, I guess one of these days I should just let it do it's thing... But the blonde dye hides the greys...” He said looking up as if he could see his hair. I noticed for the first time that the plane was not moving.

“Are we in London?” I asked.

“Yep, been here for a while now, you were hard to wake up.” He grinned. I rolled my eyes and got out of my seat, suffering from the smallest head rush when I did so. 

“Come to gather luggage with me?” I invited.

“I'd be honored.” He laughed. We got our luggage, then we got a cab to share. “I'll take you to Harry's place.” Niall offered as he put my luggage in the back. I was relieved that he wasn't pissed, that was what I would have expected. I'm sure that's how Harry felt...

“Thank you.” I murmured, never sounding more sincere. He shrugged like it was no big deal. We each got in and he told the cab driver Harry's address. Niall asked some questions on the ride there... Some of which I had no answer for. 

"Can I ask why you left?" He questioned at one point.

"I had a good reason..." I started, not knowing exactly how to tell him. How would he possibly react??

"You don't have to explain, we're here anyway." Niall replied. I smiled at Harry's new house. It was different than the one I'd lived in for a few months. Harry had upgraded, though I hadn't thought that possible. Niall paid the driver, refusing to let me spend a penny, and helped me get all the luggage out. We dragged our suitcases behind us as we winded up the long drive to a huge gate. Niall motioned for me to stand back, so I did. He pushed a button on a screen-thing on the gate.

“Hey Harry! It's Niall, open up!” Niall chuckled. I almost gasped when Harry appeared on the screen. I began to hyperventilate. I tried to do so quietly.

“Hey Nialler, I think I can let you in, mate.” Harry laughed. His picture disappeared and the gate began to slowly open. Wait he didn't see me, right? Maybe this was a bad idea, maybe I should leave. He probably doesn't want to see me... Yes, yes I should leave. I began to walk back down the drive planning to flag the taxi down again. Niall's fingers wrapped gently around my arm.

“Where are you going?” He raised an eyebrow.

“A-anywhere but here.” I stuttered slightly, panic rising quickly inside me.

“No, no, no. We're going in. Come on, I'll be there too.” He insisted, letting go of my arm but taking my suitcase from me. He walked through the gate, now carrying all the luggage. I hesitated, but followed him. We walked up the steps and through the abnormally huge door. Niall had a key. Harry was not in the huge living area that the door opened to, so I got a bit more time to panic.

“Don't touch your luggage, just leave it here.” Niall whispered as he set both bags down next to the door. He dragged me to the fancy looking couch, and had me sit beside him. I hid my face in my hands and tried my best to keep the tears away. At least I had gotten there before Darcy.

I tensed up as I heard footsteps coming from down the hall. God, I hope he didn't hate me. Holy shit he's going to be so mad. He's going to kick me out, and yell and be even more hurt! I should leave, I should leave. Niall pried my hands from my face and put his arm around me. I was shivering, despite the fact I wasn't at all cold...

“What made you stop by?” Harry laughed as he entered the room. I stared at the floor. Not moving. Not looking around at his beautiful house, or at him. He must have recognized me right away, because he said nothing.

“Niall.” Harry whispered, his voice trembling just like my whole body was. “Is this some kind of sick joke?” He demanded, not sounding like himself.

"Come sit down Harry.” Niall said softly. Harry didn't move at first, maybe he couldn't, but eventually, his footsteps came closer to me than I ever thought they would be again. He sat down right beside me, our legs touching. I still hadn't looked up. He put his index finger under my chin and lifted my face to his level. I looked into his emerald green eyes.

“Where have you been?” He asked, his voice cracking. 

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