Fell In Love With The Bad Boy

When Kimberly and her mother move to England she goes to a new school. Her Family is rich but she isn't a spoiled brat. She is very caring, loving, and she is very pretty. She has straight brown hair, brown eyes, and she has a perfect smile. But what happens when she get's enrolled to a new school and meets Harry the school's bad boy? Will she fall in love with him? Will he do whatever to make her his girlfriend? And will she be safe with him?


6. Winning and Trapped



                Kimberly's pov



         Come on get on with the winners i really want to win this. ".......Harry and Kimberly!" the teacher said. I was frozen. Yay! i won i guess me and Harry are very good cooks. " Here Kimberly this is your gift card and you will get an A+ on this assignment congratulations" the teacher said. I took the card and looked for Harry we both ran to each other and hugged for a long time. After we pulled away i saw Taylor and she just looked at me before leaving out the classroom. I just looked at Harry " i told you i was a good cook." he said. " Yeah but i am a much better cook than you." i joked. " No your not". he said. " Yeah i am" i said. " Well lets call it a tie, deal?" i asked. " Deal" he agreed and we shook hands. I don't care what Taylor finds out she will never find out about my ex boyfriend. I am not missing this opportunity to get to know Harry.



          Taylor's pov


        Just wait Kimberly! This isn't over yet. I will find your weakness! Just wait. I was at the office after school looking at the at the files of the students. I was trying to find Kimberly's file. Found it! I took it and left. Lets see....Found it! I found her old school and friends. Wait she had a boyfriend! Wait til i contact him. Whats his name? Well time for my research. After about an hour of researching i found his name. Justin Hernandez. He is kinda actually cute. I found his number and called him up. " Hello?' he said from the other line. " Yes is this Justin?" i asked. " Yes Justin speaking" he replied back. " Well hi Justin i am a friend of your girlfriend Kimberly and i found out that you've been wanting to find her and so i called you up and i was thinking if you could come and live her in England and go to our school and be with Kimberly again? I will also pay for your house don't worry i am very rich and i could get it for you so what do you say?" i asked him. " Um yes i would like that thank you when do i go over their?" he asked. " Today so start packing up and i will meet you up at the airport in the morning for we could go to school and don't worry you will be signed up at the school already see you tomorrow bye." i said and hanged up. Tomorrow will be a very good day i told you Kimberly to back away from him but you refused so this is what you will get for disobeying.




         Kimberly's pov



         When school was over i went back to the chemistry class and took the things and left while i was walking a boy stopped me wait i know this boy he is the one at lunch. Oh no he has more friends with him this time oh great. " Hey babe so i didn't finish the thing i started at lunch lets finish this right now." he said. " No thank you" i said. He came closer to me and started to kiss me. But then i kicked him right in the balls and he fell down and i ran off. The other boys were chasing me. I ran as fast as i could and ran into a classroom which had a big window that had a perfect view of the parking lot. I ran in and shut the door and locked it while the boys were banging on it and trying to open the door. " DON"T BE LIKE THAT BABE WE ONLY WANT SOME FUN!!" he yelled. I was trapped but then i remembered .......... Harry and the boys are waiting in the parking lot!

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